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The Ghost of LAVA Present: Our warehouse looks like this now.



This is what happened...

(written Jan. 27th, 2008)

As many of you know by now, the LAVA House completely burned to the ground last night/this morning. We're all devastated, completely speechless, and heartbroken at the enormity of this tragedy. Mr. Bill died at University hospital this morning, after making it though the
night. Thank god he is now free from the condition he was in last night.

Bart and Hannah lost everything they owned, their home, studio, tools and artwork. Seed also lived there and lost all his possessions and one of his dogs did not make it out. Their lives burned up in that fire. We have gathered up a list of things that they need, and have distributed it to the community and posted it on this website.

After hearing screams for help and seeing smoke bellowing out of the door, Scott Belcher ran into Bill's burning trailer with a fire extinguisher and pulled him out on fire, risking his own life to save Bill's. Scott is a hero. Thanks to Scott, we were all able to say our final words to Bill and have the peace of mind while watching this building burn down, knowing that Bill was not
trapped inside. I am not sure but think that Bart and Chad helped Scott to get Bill out of the warehouse after Scott pulled him out of the trailer. Hannah and Bart had been in the living part of the warehouse and were able to get out safely. They had some smoke inhalation, but no injuries.

People are talking about hosting benefits to help out. Obviously, a whole lot was lost that is irreplaceable. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in art, materials,
tools, etc, are now lost forever.Aron and Hallie heard the sirens from thier bedroom and muted the TV and Hallie said 'I hope its not the LAVA House'.... Aron ran outside to look and came back in screaming to get up. Both ran down the street, Hallie screaming and crying in
disbelief, saying 'where's Bill?' When they got down there (200 ft.), the fire was still over on Bill's side of the warehouse. We all watched helplessly as it rapidly spread into the bay door, Aron and Hallie's studios, and then the rest of the art collective's side of the warehouse, then on to the residential house.

Its a nightmare. What more can be said? The Louisville Assembly of Vanguard
Art (poetically named LAVA) goes down in a blaze of glory.Thank you to everyone who has called, stopped by, emailed us, and generally showed their support. Please spend some time on this website that we have built in a day. Please excuse any inaccuracies or typos we overlooked.

Thanks to Everyone for stopping by, calling, and emailing in support and concern. We're doing what we can to move forward from here.