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Residential Needs - Donations to Bart, Hannah, & Seed
Several Glassworks employees were victim to a house/studio fire on 1/26/08 at the Lava House. They did not make it out with anything - no car keys, no IDs, not even shoes. One particular employee lost his dog in the fire. Donations for the residents are being collected by Glassworks / Architectural Glass Art and they have generously pladged to match all donations. The money collected by Glassworks will be split three ways between Bart, Hannah, and Seed.

To donate to the residents, click here: Donate to Bart, Hannah, & Seed


Studio Needs - Donations to the Artists
Donations for the studio relief are going into a paypay account and will be held by the German-Paristown Neighborhood Association (a 501(c)3 non-profit organization). These funds will remain in the neighborhood association account until we have a clear idea of what we are doing with the money and how the funds will be allocated.

If you want to donate to a specific person, please send an email to Hallie Jones and she will coordinate your wishes.

To donate to the artists, click the paypal button:



Thanks to Everyone for stopping by, calling, and emailing in support and concern. We're doing what we can to move forward from here.