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The LAVA House (LAVA - Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Art) was co-founded in 2001 by Aron Conaway and Bart Herre. Glenn and Connie Herre (Bart's parents) owned the warehouse and rented space to Aron and Bart. The two co-founders proceeded to recruit artists. The LAVA House became a collective space and community for many artists, musicians, and warehouse dwellers.

Bill Christie was the first person to live at the LAVA House. He served as the night watchman.

The LAVA House was located at 927 Shelby Parkway, Louisville KY, 40204. It was in the Germantown Neighborhood.

Current Residents (at time of fire)

Bill Christie
Bart Herre
Hannah Cameron

Current Studio Tenants (at time of fire)

Stuart Barr
Scott Belcher
Hannah Cameron
Dave Caudill - http://www.caudillart.com/
Aron Conaway - http://www.aronconaway.com
Metal Art Worx - Bart Herre, Glenn Herre, and Bob Nevin - http://www.metalartworx.com/
Hallie Jones - http://www.halliejones.com
Kristin Shelor
Bill Christie

Past Residents & Artists

Chad Hayes
Thalon Hubbel
Greg Martin
Chris Chappell
Shannon Stelzer
Emily Ritter
Willy Tash
Dave Fry
Bryan Bird
Eric Clark
Matt Weir
Rick Mason
Zachary Culbertson
The Icelanders (Ivor, Tonya, Marlin)
Thomas Brown
The Squallis Puppeteers
Josh Mather
Joe Barlund
Michelle Glasnovic
Colin Miller


Thanks to Everyone for stopping by, calling, and emailing in support and concern. We're doing what we can to move forward from here.