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the Archive

For months Aron has been collecting, compiling, scanning, writing and transferring video for his Masters thesis in Curatorial Studies at Uof L. The archive will physically exist at the UofL archive forever (we hope). It will be represented fully as an online experience.

Over the next few months this collection will expand and appear for you to see. Please stay tuned and leave your email for us to contact you.

You Tube Video of Channel 32 Story - Sat Jan. 27th

Oops the Tour Show at the LAVA Flying Luttenbachers

Arab on Radar - at the LAVA House Oops the Tour

Chez Moi Art Gallery

Lightning Bolt - LAVA House - Oops the Tour

Erase Erata - LAVA House - Oops the Tour


video for ignite art show by hallie jones, "my luck" 2007





Thanks to Everyone for stopping by, calling, and emailing in support and concern. We're doing what we can to move forward from here.