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Lava hot night - by Andy Cook

Last night,
minutes before bed
Thalon told me that Lava burned down
Bill is charred, dead

Lava hot night
breaking the silence of a saturday night
with plasma screams

Lava hot night
goodbye Seed's dog
goodbye space of creation
goodbye possesions

Lava hot night
Steel and old wood
concrete and beer bottles
engine parts and paper mache trees

Lava hot night
glass and stone
sculpture of bone

Lava hot night
burning tree covered in ash
from art of the past

Now today
biking to see
with my own eyes

Black remains
shrouded in a rainbow
as Joe and I watched

The water above
hot cars next to Lava
steaming still in the cold sun

It’s over and it’s just begun
Lava hot night
and cool Lava day

This will not stop you
art will find a way

A seed was born
on that Lava hot night, I tell ya........

Andy Cook 2008

My heart goes out to Bart and his family, Stuart,
Scott, Seed, Aron and Hallie and to everyone who has
been greatly affected by this loss in the art
community. The Lava House has been a haven for many
artist and musicians striving for a new future of art.
This is a great loss felt by all.


Thanks to Everyone for stopping by, calling, and emailing in support and concern. We're doing what we can to move forward from here.