How You Can Help LAVA House Residents and Artists

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I've got info on three different ways you can help out the surviving residents and artists of LAVA House after the devastating fire last weekend. 

1. Friday February 1, 2008 Benefit at Barret Bar

"Friends of Lava House are organizing benefits to help the three surviving residents and tenant studio artists. A major event is planned on Friday, Feb. 1, at 6 p.m., at the Barret Bar, 1012 Barret Ave. Participants are asked to offer a donation of at least $5 at the door."

This event will have a silent auction with gift certificates up for grabs from Gates Automotive Service, Bristol, Nios, Proof, Seviche, Bearnos, Za's, Outback, Uptown Cafe, Kentucky Derby Festival, Wicks, Ramsis, Luna Therapeutic Massage/Amy Green, My Epiphany, Spinelli's and many other businesses. Find the complete list at

2. Glassworks / Architectural Glass Art has several employees who were deeply impacted by this fire. So they've organized a fundraising drive and will be matching all the funds that are donated through their website.

3. Donate Money and Items for Residential Needs or Studio Needs
The LAVA House website has a large list of needed items that I'm going to copy and repost in large chunks:

Residential Needs
Bart Herre, Hannah Cameron, and Seed (Joshua Grubbs) lost everything they owned in the fire, because they were living there.

  • Registry - Bart, Hannah, and Seed will be registering at Target (Monday 1/28 & Tuesday 1/29) for things they need replaced. Bart and Hannah are a couple, so they will have a combined registry. Seed will have his own personal registry. More information will be posted after they have registered.
  • Gift Cards - Kroger, Valu-Market, Walgreens, Valu-City, Meijer, and especially Visa gift cards because they can use them anyplace
  • Furniture - couch(s), beds, night stands, dressers, chests, tables & chairs, desks
  • Duffle bags
  • Pots and Pans

Monetary Donations

  • Mail checks to Hannah and Bart, here:
    Bart Herre & Hannah Cameron
    c/o Noel Hawley
    971 Samuel Street
    Louisville, KY 40204
    *** Architectural Glass Art/Glassworks is collecting donations for the LAVA house residents and matching them through AGA/Glassworks. People can make donations via credit card through their online store
  • Mail checks to Seed, here:
    Joshua Grubbs
    c/o Aron Conaway & Hallie Jones
    941 Shelby Parkway #1
    Louisville, KY 40204

DO NOT MAIL CASH! If you have cash to donate, please contact Hallie Jones (502-641-4413) or Aron Conaway (502-758-8338). We will make arrangements with you.

Individual Requests from the Residents

  • Bart - Pants size 32/30, Shirt size Medium
  • Hannah - Pants size 11, Shirt size Medium, Needs T-shirts and Tank Tops, Lost her prized colorful sock collection (she hates plain socks), severely misses her I-Pod that allows her to have peace and be alone with her thoughts
  • Seed - Pants size 34 or 33 waist and 30 long, Shirt size Medium or Large, Boxer Briefs are the only undies he likes, Bike

  • Toiletries
  • Ugly sweaters and stained old clothing (basically, if you don't want to wear something, assume they probably don't either)
  • Used underwear and socks

Studio Needs
There were 9 artists who lost their studios (Stuart Barr, Scott Belcher, Hannah Cameron, Dave Caudill, Aron Conaway, Bart Herre, Glenn Herre, Hallie Jones, Kristin Shelor). That means their tools, artwork, drawings, materials, supplies, personal items, storage..... the list can go on for miles.

We want to split all money that is raised for studio supplies equally in 9 ways. All other items, such as tools and supplies will be placed in storage until we can figure out what we're doing and how to split it up.

If there is a specific person you want your donation to go to, that is wonderful! Just let us know who should be the recipient of the gift.

  • Monetary donations
  • Gift cards - Lowe's, Home Depot, Preston Arts Center, Michael's, Baer Fabric, Visa gift cards

For people who have duplicate tools, things in storage that they don't need, and items that they might not use, here are some things that can help.

  • Drafting tables
  • Work benches
  • 4 sewing machines (Hannah, Hallie, Seed, Kristin all lost sewing machines)
  • Power tools (table saws, miter saws, chop saws, compressors and pneumatic tool attachments)
  • Welders
  • Cutting torches
  • Paint & brushes
  • Easels
  • Shelving and storage racks
  • Kilns
  • Plasma Cutter

More information and an updated list will be posted soon.

Please contact Hallie Jones (502-641-4413 - or Aron Conaway (502-758-8338 - if you would like to drop off donations. We will likely schedule a day and time for people to drop things off at our storage space.


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