Matt Davis Piece, "The Dragon Fly Man w/ the Penis Pistol"

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Matt Davis Piece, "The Dragon Fly Man w/ the Penis Pistol"

Postby jodey on Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:05 pm

Matt Davis was a dear & wonderful old friend of mine & an incredible artist. We did a show together in Pensacola, Fl. for "Curve" the summer before his death many many moons ago. Somehow, after dismantling the show & getting everything back to Louisville, my tiny apartment was overwhelmed with this giant winged man sculpture that had a projector for an eye & a faux pistol for a penis. At first, I took every opportunity to photograph this monstrosity but, eventually, I was begging Matt to fetch it. In the event of his death, his mom gave the piece to Mike Robertson, the owner of Curve and one of Matt's best friends. We debated for months what to do w/ it. Where on Earth should it "show?"

Back then, Thomas Brown, another friend & fellow artist was affiliated w/ the Lava House guys...Mike & I decided the piece would be best shown off within this grand warehouse where young impressionable artists would lap up the mystery & beauty of Matt's "Winged Man." We blessed Thomas with the possession & responsibilty of upkeeping Matt's piece & prayed one day we would & could reclaim it.

It panged me to realize I will never see this sculpture again after hearing about the fire...what a horrible devastation...I am thankful that it had a good viewing, however; amongst the talent & posse that was The Lava House.

Any pictures of this piece would be inexpressibly appreciated:

My thoughts & prayers are w/ all of you going through this horrible experience...Jodey Johnson Lowber
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Re: Matt Davis Piece, "The Dragon Fly Man w/ the Penis Pistol"

Postby calicofuture on Fri Feb 01, 2008 11:29 am

Thanks for the story! I admired that sculpture everytime I ever went into the Lava house... spent a lot of time staring at it.. as I'm sure most visitors did! It was the coolest. I'm sure that there are some great pictures of it.
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