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About Me

I am a conceptual, inter-disciplinary artist.

Born in Louisville, KY. Living and working in Louisville, KY.

I was a member of an art collective called "The Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Art". On January 26th, 2008 our warehouse (the LAVA House) burned to the ground. It killed one person (Bill Christie) and a dog (Helvis). 11 artists lost their studios, 3 of whom were also residents living at the warehouse so they lost everything they owned.

You can learn more about what happened here: www.thelavahouse.org

We also have VERY SAD videos of the fire and the news media clips with coverage of the story here:

The fire is the most recent thing "about me" that's been all-consuming. My husband and I had scheduled our first major gallery show to open in April of this year. All our works-in-progress were destroyed. We decided to go ahead with the show (opening April 4th) at Swanson-Reed Gallery in Louisville KY. However, the new body of work we are creating for the show will explore our loss due to the fire and the emotions we're experiencing from being a part of such a major tragedy.

Shoot-the-Messenger -

Find me on MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/halliedj

My YouTube Page - http://www.youtube.com/HallieDeCatherine

4th Street is LIVE! - http://4thstreetislive.blogspot.com/

Other People's Privates -

Hearts, Yall! -

Center For Neighborhoods - (I am Director of Marketing and Communications)

Artists Space - Irving Sandler Artists File Online
View My Page on the Artist File

MyArtSite.com - Free networking website that hosts artists' portfolios
View My Page on MyArtSite.com

Shopdropping - http://www.shopdropping.net/

T'What? - http://www.twhat.net

Visual AIDS - http://www.thebody.com/visualaids/

ArtfulCility on Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/artcoup


* Master of Arts - Political Science
2004 – 2006
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

* Bachelor of Arts - Art (Mixed Media)
1997 - 2002
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

* Bachelor of Arts - Political Science
1997 - 2002
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Research and Assistantships

* 2005 - 2006
Research Assistant for Laurie Rhodebeck, PhD
Women & Politics; Media Framing & Priming

* 2006
MA Directed Research Project
Do Female versus Male Open Seat Congressional Races Increase Partisanship Adherence Amongst the Electorate? (PDF)

* 2006
Urban “Creative Culture” Planning of the Netherlands
Creative Culture Policies & Global Neo-Liberal Political Economies: Reinforcing More of the Same. (PDF)

* 2005
Urban Design
Physical analysis of the 26th St. Corridor in Louisville, KY (Microsoft Publisher File)

* 2005
Neighborhood Planning
SWOT Analysis of the Portland Ave. Corridor (PDF)

* 2000
Project Assistant to Artist/Professor Mary Carothers
“Tire Fire” - Mixed-Media installation

Honors & Awards

* 2006
University of Louisville
Graduate Dean’s Citation
Click to view the notification e-mail I received from the Graduate Advisor (PDF)

* 2005 –2006
University of Louisville
Goldstein Memorial Scholarship
International President’s Scholarship

* 2005
Louisville Eccentric Observer
Third Place Traditional Photography - “Gallopaloozer”


Two-Person Shows


* "One Nation Under God, Operation Shock and Awe" - Video, performance, and sculptural installation
LIVE: Performance Art Series
Louisville Visual Art Association, Louisville KY


* "As the World Turns" - 5 channel video installation & performance
Swanson-Reed Contemporary Gallery, Louisville KY

* "The Media" - Video
Swanson-Reed Contemporary Gallery, Louisville KY

Selected Group Exhibitions


* "My Luck." - Video
Ignite, Glassworks, Louisville KY

* "Oh, I'm sorry... Did I break your concentration?" - Mural
Pulpfunction, Glassworks, Louisville KY

* "My Luck." - Video
Swanson-Reed Contemporary Gallery, Louisville KY

* "The Uninviting" - Photography and video series
The Bridge Gallery, Louisville KY
The Boiler Room, Louisville KY

* "T'What?" - Co-Curator
Gallery NuLu, Louisville KY


* Black & White Photos
Documenting Dissent, The J.B. Speed Art Museum, Louisville KY

* Shop Dropping, Maiden Brooklyn Gallery, New York NY

* Wheatpastings, street art
Dissent: Art from the Street, Covi Gallery, Hite Art Institute, University of Louisville

* Saturate, The Ground Floor, Louisville KY


* Postcards from the Edge: Visual Aids Benefit Show, Robert Miller Gallery, New York NY

* Round Two: Political Art Show, Glassworks, Louisville KY

* 10 X 10 Art Show, Glassworks, Louisville KY


* ForeCastle -Art, Music, and Activism Festival, Tyler Park, Louisville KY

* Gallopalooza: Louisville Sidewalk Derby, Hope for Homeless”, Louisville KY

* Art for Evolution - 2nd Annual LAVA Art Exhibition, The LAVA House, Louisville KY


* Louisville Photo Biennial, The LAVA House, Louisville KY

* Destruction of Nature: Beauty v. The Beast, The Kentucky Theater, Louisville KY

* Love and War, The LAVA House, Louisville KY


* Video Derby - Louisville Film Festival, Baxter Avenue Theater, Louisville KY

* 1-year Anniversary Show, The LAVA House, Louisville KY


* University of Louisville Photographic Archives – Louisville, KY
* Arvin-Meritor Corporate Collection - Carrollton, KY
* Buchinsky & Flynn Private Collection – Louisville, KY
* Swisher Private Collection – Louisville, KY
* Coalition for the Homeless – Louisville, KY

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March 27, 2008 4:47 pm

love your work!


March 2, 2008 9:50 pm

HEY!! You go girl!!!!! =)

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