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03/13/07 - videos updated
Finally got around to adding flash players for the videos via youtube and have added a quick vid that I did for the iron chef of music titled "survival under atomic attack".

06/19/06 - plosive : one remixes : one027
A new release of remixes for One. Featuring reworkings for Bad Loop, Jack Haberfield, Iua, Emil Klotzsch, Recue, Paranerd and Partikel. Download it here.

04/05/06 - 29
1:02.3 04/05/06 Happy Birthday. I'm an old bastard.

12/29/05 - Holidays
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year (and so on and so forth) goes out to my many friends and supporters in 2005, especially: John Nguyen and Honor Rovai, Nick Stephens, Adrian Leverkuhn, Niroku, Bad Loop, Taylor Briere, Vizion, Makunouchi Bento, Paul Zyla/Relative Q, Edward L. Blake, Ronny Pries, Ed Powley, and anyone else I may have forgotten - you know who you are.

02/26/05 - Traktor Demo-Mix
Native Instruments' recently updated Traktor 2.6.1 includes a new Demo Mix by Ronny Pries, featuring music from netlabel releases. My track, 'Inte Likgiltig Langre' is the first song on the mix. Kudos to NI and RP for supporting netlabel musicians.

01/07/05 - airing of Dreamlife
Zed TV is planning on another airing of the video Dreamlife, for details and schedule information visit ZeD's calander for the 12th here.

12/01/04 - Top 10 of 2004
Igloomag recently listed pavlovian fear in their
Top-10 FREE electronic tracks of '04

11/08/04 - inte likgiltig langre
remix for Partikel.

09/30/04 - featherfoil
The Featherfoil compilation at Camomille features Dubchant.

08/22/04 - dot9 collaborations
Download at One.

08/01/04 - plosive : neutral : one012
Download the 11-track release at One.

07/26/04 - changed the site

04/01/04 - apm : kpu.061
APM/st released at kikapu. review1 | review2

01/05/04 - 101

12/01/03 - Dreamlife to air on ZeD TV
"ZeD is planning to air Dreamlife on December 1, 2003. Thanks again for fighting the good fight for ZeD late night TV!" Canadians: find your local Zed TV info here.

10/17/03 - Dreamlife
The animated video "dreamlife", a collaboration between myself and Thistler.


07/23/04 - Deviation 04
Texasballroom, Chicago, IL. Opening and performance July 23rd, 8pm Performance, sound, and large format paintings by Lisa Sipe and Adrian Leverkuhn. Supportive event by: The Shakes, T.D., and Plosive. Exhibit up through July 29th. Flyer

07/17/04 - Turners, River Road, Louisville Ky. w/ Keado

02/06/04 - Mixthings
Lou., KY. Bearno's Basement, 104 W. Main St. 9pm RSVP VIP $5.00's @ or at Better Days Records on Bardstown Rd. Sponsored by One. Flyer

01/09/04 - Uncle Pleasant's, Jan. 9th
@ Uncle Pleasants w/ Keado, Friday January 9th. 5.00 cover. LMIA Live. also: Scaramongo, SKL, and JK McKnight Flyer

10/20/03 - Lava House, Halloween
Kraftwerk coverband Oct 31st 10-11pm @ The Lava House for Halloween event. Flyer

10/07/03 - Insomniacathon 2003
Louisville, KY - Insomniacathon 2003, a 31 hour Poetry,Music and Performance Art marathon festival, will be held at The Rudyard Kipling, 422 Oak Street, Louisville, KY at 6:50 PM, October 31, 2003. 10$ all ages. Flyer

8/28/03 - keado vs plosive
Bootleg Music Series presented by The Lava House. Also feat. ninjas vs pirates + others, art by Jason Hyphield and "Shoulders". 21+, 10pm till late, 1250 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY

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