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Display Name DandBdisciple  
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Registered 27 Jan 2003
Last Visit 16 Feb 2003
Location Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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Information Hoping there is NO WAR!!!!
Recent college graduate. Doubled in Political Science and Multimedia Art: photography, graphic design, web design. Spent 1.5 yrs as a marketing / application designer at a streaming media and video production company. Now doing marketing and business development at a company that produces elearning and VoD systems for hospitals. Quit doing graphics for companies unless on a freelance basis for a quality company or organization. I am too close to the media as an art form which lead me to feeling I was selling my soul. Have a warehouse studio space here in Louisville KY that is very progressive called the lava house - We do a lot of art shows, music events, etc.... I have a bay there in which i work amongst other residents. I really dig this form of media because it is the ultimate tool for expressing and spreading a message. Previous details, promoted a number of electronic events in 99 - 02 here in the city. Interested in checking out others in this region or traveling to see good shows. Hope to write for some grant money one day to fund involved, community based, group video projects. Custom building my VJ dream box this week.
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