Revival Ink Interview - Halloween Issue 2002

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What made you start doing Necrosculptures?

I would look around and see art that, in my own opinion, was pretty useless and didn't express any meaning. I wanted to create artwork that would have a meaning to me, and would fulfill a need that I had. I have created those works of art. My artwork has a deep personal meaning that I will not share with anyone.

How do you acquire the bones that you use? piece them together?

When I first started creating my sculptures, I was using road kill that I found along highways and roadways. I would place the dead carcasses on the back of my property and let nature run it's course. However, this became a problem for obvious reasons. Neighbors would complain about the smell and ever present occupation of flies in the area. I was threatened with legal ramifications if I didn't cease and desist with my "morbid" project. So I had to locate a supplier for my materials. Luckily, I have a friend who owns a lot of property in southern Kentucky. He loved my idea of creating art out of deceased animals and offered to collect road kill and dead animals from local farms. He sectioned off an area of his property just for the dead animals so they can decompose. Once a year, he will visit and drop off a new shipment of bones.

You ask how I piece the bones together, well, the Necrosculpture process is pretty complicated. I try to make the creations as realistic and believable as possible. I use medical books on anatomy to try to keep the bones relative to where they would be naturally, but sometimes I will deviate from the norm and create something spectacular like the creation called The Bone Column. It is a large six and a half foot tall by two feet wide creation that has skulls, and bones from many different animals. When I attach bones together, I usually use wire, adhesive, or screws to piece them together. It depends on what I am attaching the bones to. If I am attaching bone to bone, then I will sometimes wire them together, but if I am attaching bones to wood, I will usually use adhesive or screws.

Is there a particular method that you use to rid the flesh off? bleach?

When I get bones that have flesh still attached, I will start off the cleaning process with a solution of hot water and bleach. I let this sit for a week. By this time, the flesh is loose, and is easy to pull or scrape off. Bleach is a very good disinfectant. I don't have to be as cautious when pulling or scraping. If the material isn't disinfected and a person handles it, this transaction could cause many kinds of diseases, even gang green.

Do you do other types of artwork? paintings, drawings?

My primary art form is the Necrosculpture. I used to draw pen and ink drawings of various subjects. But usually when I draw now, it is a sketch of a new sculpture. I have not explored the media of painting, but it is something I am interested in getting into someday.

Tell me a bit of your educational background?

Other than the usual background of Elementary, Middle and High School, I have an Associates Degree in Funeral Service. That means I went to Mortuary School and graduated. I am presently going to college for Arts Administration.

What other hobbies or special interests occupy your time?

I have many hobbies outside of creating sculptures. I like to collect things that people wouldn't necessarily collect. I like to read and collect rare books on the Occult. I have a library of over 450 books! I have many skulls, bones, skins, stuffed animals, preserved animals in jars and other natural curiosities. I have a skull and backbone of a Boxer. The Boxer's backbone was completely fused together. He couldn't move and if he did move, it would be extremely painful. The Skull tells the sad tale of the dog's demise. It has a bullet entry hole in the front of the head and the back of the skull is completely blown away. Another interesting oddity that I have recently acquired is a shrunken human head. Some other interests include: The Paranormal, collecting odd medical devices, watching old movies, listening to music particularly "dark sounds capes", collecting vintage erotica ( this includes old porn magazines), investigating Louisville's "dark" legends (like the Goatman, or Sleepy Hollow). The list could go on and on. I am always looking for new items to add to my collections, if anyone reading this has anything I may be interested in, you can contact me at

You have an art show coming up in october? Are you going to sell some of your pieces?

I do have an art show coming up in October. Saturday, October 19, 2002 to be exact. I was approached by the Student Art League of the University of Louisville to be part of the show called Art Across the Line. It is going to be a one night show held at the Lava House located at 927 Shelby Pkwy. from 9:00 p.m. to Midnight. I will be there with a few of my pieces, some which are not featured on my web site, and they will be for sale.


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