Mr. Bill

65 years old
United States

Last Login: 3/30/2007
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Zodiac Sign:Gemini
Children:I don't want kids

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About me:
Popov. JR's Liquor. Wood and Glue. Not Flo. Stumblin' over the Railroad Tracks. Hot young art-fag ass. Disco Dog. Sawdust. Cigarettes & Pee Buckets. Night time Security at the LAVA House. Freezing my Ass off in this Trailer. Load Static TV. CSI. American Idol. Bitching about Glenn.
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Jun 5 2007 8:59A


May 27 2007 7:05A

I'm flippin' out from all the free giftcards
that Macys is sending me for giving them my
email address! I finally found out that for
every new email address you send them, you get
a $500 GiftCard until July!!! HURRY and get
as many as you can before they stop this!

Sarah Teeps

May 7 2007 3:35P

hot damn, these guys have everything when it comes to tones and shit. they all go straight to my phone, and they're like giving some away so see for yourself why they're awesome

Feb 22 2007 3:04P

Big profile

Jun 11 2006 12:32P

The Forecastle Festival 2006
July 28th-29th | Louisville, Kentucky
The Forecastle Festival
Hallie DeCatherine

Mar 5 2006 9:53P

miss you ol' dog ass.
Hallie DeCatherine

Jan 2 2006 1:06A

Image hosted by


but i know.... you ain't gay.
dude, Im so fuckin cool

Dec 30 2005 3:12P

Bill - "Nothin but love, brother. Nothin but love."
:::squeeze on the knee:::

Pat - "Mmmm. Yeah."
the Children

Nov 23 2005 12:28A

Image hosted by
tasty forearm

Is Online

Nov 19 2005 10:54A

"'Ey listen. I ain't Wed, I ain't Dead and I ain't Gay. Know what I'm saying? Hand me a Beer"
- Mr. Bill

You Old Dog-Ass-Son-of-a-Bitch. We love us!

Nov 18 2005 10:11P

I'm stiiiiiiiiiiiiillll aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive

Nov 18 2005 9:49P

damn it's good to see you!
Hallie DeCatherine

Nov 18 2005 8:27P

I love you ---- you dog ass Mr. Bill!!!!!!!

Who loves us?

WE LOVE US!!!!!!!!!
dude, Im so fuckin cool

Nov 18 2005 8:23P

Fuck yes. You just made my day. Bill!
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