Where was Lysistrata?

These readings were organized by individuals who received email about the Project, visited this website, and took action to help unite citizens of the world for peace. These people made the first-ever worldwide theatrical act of dissent happen! We would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to all the "spearheads" who gave their energy and time to produce events in the following communities around the world! (If your name's not here and you did a reading, please email your name, city, state and country to Sharron!) Listed alpabetically by country/city:

Paula Martin in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Emilia Mazer in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
G. Rodoni in Campana, ARGENTINA
in Atherton, AUSTRALIA
Jan Barham in Byron Bay,
Boom Boom la Bern in Newcastle,
Betsy Marks/Alex Hanlon in Sydney,
Zulema Capielli in Sydney,
Anna Held in Adelaide,
Arianwen Harris in Ballarat, AUSTRALIA
Michael Sharkey in Burwood,
Lindy Davies in Southbank Melbourne,
Viv Glance in Perth, AUSTRALIA
Kulturblabla in Hard, AUSTRIA
Amanda Sage in Vienna, AUSTRIA
Genevieve/Brian Bartley in Vienna, AUSTRIA
Peter Waugh in Vienna, AUSTRIA
Sandy Winfield in Battambang, CAMBODIA  
Danny Whitehead in Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA
Charlene Chamberlain in Colonsay, Sask, CANADA  
Brad Simkulet in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
Jay Johnson in Medicine Hat, Alberta, CANADA
Heather Doerksen in Burnaby, British Columbia, CANADA
David Ross in Kamloops, British Columbia, CANADA
Neal Facey in Kelowna, British Columbia, CANADA
Geoff Burns in Nelson, British Columbia, CANADA
Evan Brynne/Miryam Burns in Salmo, British Columbia, CANADA
John Beaven in Summerland, British Columbia, CANADA
Studio 58 in Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
Terry Costa in Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
Monica Prendergast in Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Kevin Longfield in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
Gregory Fleet in Renforth, New Brunswick, CANADA

Judith Weiss in Sackville, New Brunswick, CANADA

Sue Leblanc-Crawford in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA

Stephanie Simard in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
The Women of Wolfville in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, CANADA

Lisa O'Connell in Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA
Lesleigh Turner in London, Ontario, CANADA
Jonquil Garrick-Reynolds in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
Isabelle Aubut in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
David Russell in Peterborough, Ontario, CANADA
Marty McBride in Thornhill, Ontario, CANADA
Risa Morris in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Cara Pifko/Aviva Armour-Ostroff in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Maev Beaty/Vanessa Shaver in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
M. Cassidy in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Renee Hackett in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Patricia Ansley in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Janet Hamilton-Davis in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Doug Doughty in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Optative Theatrical Laboratories in Montréal, Quebec, CANADA
Isabelle Cyr in Montréal, Quebec, CANADA
Lara Goldenberg in Montréal, Quebec, CANADA
Felicity Crew in Montréal, Quebec, CANADA
Maude Desrosiers in Montréal, Quebec, CANADA
Jacques Lemieux in Montréal, Quebec, CANADA
ThÈ‚tre de la Grenouille in Montréal, Quebec, CANADA
Anna de Aguayo in Montréal, Quebec, CANADA
Entrefemmes in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, CANADA
Le Collectif Bleuets in Saguenay, Quebec, CANADA
The Guild Society in Whitehorse, Yukon Terr., CANADA
Name Withheld in Location Withheld, CHINA 
Karol M. Rony/Edwin Cedeño in
Andrea Gómez Jiménez in
Andrea Manners in
Vivian Martinez Taberes  in Havana, CUBA
Loukia in Nicosia, CYPRUS
Caroline/ Linda McGuire in Paphos, CYPRUS
Vinohradske in Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC (not part of Project)
Anne Marie Helger/ Helene Vindsmark in Copenhagen, DENMARK
Iman Ahmed in Cairo, EGYPT
Charlotte Harber in Cardiff, South Wales, ENGLAND
Peter Wilson in Durham, ENGLAND
David Macgregor in Hertfordshire, ENGLAND
J Michael Walton in Hull, ENGLAND
Clive/Dana Bagshaw in Leicester, ENGLAND
J. Bowtell in Lincoln, ENGLAND
Llewellyn Llew in Liverpool, ENGLAND
Amanda Stephens Lee in London, ENGLAND
Karla Ptacek online & in London, ENGLAND
Sergio Amigo in London, ENGLAND
Thalia Protonotariou in London, ENGLAND
Laura Atkins in London-Brixton, ENGLAND
Anna Birch in London-Stoke Newington, ENGLAND
Sarah Case in London/Clapham, ENGLAND
D. Heaney/ J. Herrin in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, ENGLAND
Liz Ryan in North Yorkshire, ENGLAND
Richard Conlon in Northamptonshire, ENGLAND
Alan Lewers in Nottingham, ENGLAND
Alexandra Gillespie in Oxford, ENGLAND
Simon Makin in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, ENGLAND
Colin Dolley in Walton on Thames, ENGLAND
J. Claridge in Warwickshire, ENGLAND
Annie McKean in Winchester, ENGLAND
Janika Päll in Tartu, ESTONIA
Karla Ptacek online and in Helsinki, FINLAND
Melanie Clark Pullen in Cote d'Azur, FRANCE
Lefki Papachrysostomou in Montpellier, FRANCE
Jack Souvant in Montreuil, FRANCE
Melanie Maxwell in Nice, FRANCE
Clara McBride in Paris, FRANCE
Kim Broderick in Paris, FRANCE
Xavier Martin in Paris, FRANCE
Caroline Reck in Paris, FRANCE
Sheila Coren-Tissot in Paris, FRANCE
Elsa Saladin in Paris, FRANCE
Emmanuel Balsan in Paris, FRANCE
Project AT.L.A.S. in Paris, FRANCE
Heidi Brouzeng in Région Lorraine, FRANCE
Alain Bosmans in Buis les Baronnies, FRANCE 
Stephanie Lubbe in Baden-Württemberg, GERMANY
Anja Behrens/Stefan Maria Brettschneider in Berlin, GERMANY
Christian Schuenemann in Dieburg, GERMANY
Sybille Schaefer in Frankfurt, GERMANY
Claus Caesar in Frankfurt, GERMANY
Anonymous in Freiburg, GERMANY
Gabrielle Forster in Mainz, GERMANY - MAY 30-JUNE 2
Jennifer Feller in Munich, GERMANY
N. Kamtsis/Theatre Topos Allou in Athens, GREECE
Anna Tsichli/Hellenic Centre of the ITI in Athens, GREECE
Katerina Sarropoulou in Athens, GREECE
Nikos Lamprou in Athens, GREECE
M. Kotzamani/M. Papadimitriou at Acropolis in Athens, GREECE
Rowan in Kythera, GREECE
Yiorgos Antonakis in Heraklion, GREECE
Panos Kouros at a Kurdish Refugee camp in Patras, GREECE
A. Efklidis/Nat. Theatre of N. Greece in Thessaloniki, GREECE
Katerina Kitsi-Mitakou in Thessaloniki, GREECE
Alexandra Mylona in Thessaloniki, GREECE
Alkistis Kondoyianni in Volos, GREECE
Jack Warner in El Progreso, Yoro, HONDURAS
Felipe Acosta in Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS
Prajakta Karnik in HONG KONG    
S. Baldursson / Nat. Theater of Iceland in Reykjavik, ICELAND
Sigrún Valbergsdóttir in Reykjavik, , ICELAND 
Chandradasan / Lokadharmi in Kochi, Kerala, INDIA
Sue Winski in Ubud, Bali, INDONESIA
International Journalists (names withheld), Arbil, IRAQ
Maria Young in Cork City, IRELAND
Margie Bernard in Derry, (NORTHERN) IRELAND
Matthew Poe in Derry/Londonderry, (NORTHERN) IRELAND
Niall O Sioradain in Dublin, IRELAND
Conor O'Neill in Dublin, IRELAND
Martin d'French in Dublin, IRELAND
Conor Hanratty in Dublin, IRELAND
Brian Arkins in Galway, IRELAND
Orla Mc Govern in Galway, IRELAND
Peter Hussey in Newbridge, County Kildare, IRELAND
Ben Hennessey in Waterford, IRELAND
Unknown in Ein Iron, ISRAEL
Batia Griner in Holon, ISRAEL
Limor Shiponi in Jerusalem, ISRAEL
+ 14 story-tellers across ISRAEL telling the story of Lysistrata!!!
Givat Zeev/Batia Heron in Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Tamar Maliach in Natanya, ISRAEL
Sarit Gamliel in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Edda Battigelli in Gorizia, ITALY
Lydia Biondi/Argot Theater in Rome, ITALY
Teatro Miela/R. Pisciotta in Trieste, ITALY
G. Melano in Turin, ITALY (03/05/03) 
Doug Evans in Nagoya, JAPAN
Leslie deGiere in Tokyo, JAPAN
Takuya Matsumoto in Tokyo, JAPAN
Yoko Mizushima Sato in Tokyo, JAPAN
Yuriko Sheila Shiramine in Tokyo, JAPAN
Diana Berza on Radio Latvia in LATVIA
Monica Smith in Beirut, LEBANON
Sharif Abdunnur in Beirut, LEBANON
Rohaizad Suaidi  in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Vicki Ann Cremona in Valletta, MALTA
Elhabito in Coyoacán, MEXICO
O. Medina/B. Lecumberri in Gomez Palacio, Durango, MEXICO
María Morett in Guanajuato, MEXICO
Jesusa Rodriguez in Mexico City, MEXICO
Inda Saenz in Mexico City, MEXICO (03/24/03)
Rosa Paz in Tampico, MEXICO

Katty Amador
in Guanajuato, MEXICO
A. Camerena/L. Mazariegos/M. Verduzco in Morelia, MEXICO
Antonio Prieto in Zamora, MEXICO
Roberto Gonzalez in Quéretaro, MEXICO
Ingrid Docter in Hoorn, NETHERLANDS
D. DuCarme in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
Lodewijk Muns in Den Haag, NETHERLANDS
Karen de Vries in Utrecht, NETHERLANDS
Eric Ribberink in Zutphen, NETHERLANDS
Lyndon Hood in Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND  
Philip Casey in Gore, NEW ZEALAND  
Helen V. Jamieson in Wellington/Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
Karla Ptacek online and in Wellington/Hari Hari, NEW ZEALAND
Andreas in Bergen, NORWAY
Totalteatret in Tromsoe, NORWAY
Oeyvind Brandtzaeg in Trondheim, NORWAY 
Asma Mundrawala in Karachi, PAKISTAN
Myrna Castro in Panama City, PANAMA
NVC Actors Studio in Manila/Makati City, PHILIPPINES
Mozart Pastrano in Cagayan de Oro, MINDANAO
Dariusz Gabryelewicz in Warsaw, POLAND
Eugenio Monclova in Río Piedras, PUERTO RICO
Students of the U of PR
in Río Pedras, PUERTO RICO
Maritza Perez in San Juan
Eva Laporte in Moscow, RUSSIA
Iliuhin/KriM in Sosnovy Bor City, RUSSIA
Cally Phillips in Dumfries, SCOTLAND
Tam Dean Burn in Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
Angela Everitt in Wigtown, SCOTLAND
Dragan Apostolovic in Belgrade, SERBIA & MONTENEGRO
Svetlana Slapsak in Novi Sad, SERBIA & MONTENEGRO
Aleksandar Zograf  in Pancevo, SERBIA & MONTENEGRO
Jonathan Lim in SINGAPORE
Priya Selvakumar  in SINGAPORE
Miha Zadnikar in Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Nevenka Likar Zuzek in Ljubljana, SLOVENIA 
Tamantha Hammerschlag in Kwazulu-Natal, SOUTH AFRICA Manuel Erzoto in Barcelona, SPAIN
Elizabeth Breedlove in Barcelona, SPAIN
Melanie Maxwell in Canary Islands, SPAIN
Martin Miguel Vaamonde in Madrid, SPAIN
Pilar Adón in Madrid, SPAIN
Leonor Taboada in Mallorca, SPAIN
Martin Miguel Vaamonde in San Ildefonso, SPAIN
Eukene Lacarra Lanz in Vitoria, Basque Country, SPAIN 
Viveka Stigzelius in Arvika, SWEDEN
Agneta Wirén in Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Tinna Ingelstam in Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Maria Norberg in HðËllefors, Örebro lðËn, SWEDEN
Lennart Eriksson in Orebro, SWEDEN
Finn Thunborg in Soederhamn, SWEDEN
Serpil Inanc in Stockholm, SWEDEN
Bim de Verdier in Uppsala, SWEDEN
Svensk Kultur  in Ystad, SWEDEN
Alan Greiner in Bern, SWITZERLAND
Alexandre in Fribourg, SWITZERLAND
André Hurst in Geneva, SWITZERLAND
David Bouvier in Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
Atelier Theater Meilen in Meilen, SWITZERLAND
Matteo Capponi in Neuchâtel, SWITZERLAND
Ella Hoffman in Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Deborah Felmeth in Damascus, SYRIA
C. M. Wang/Hsu Ruei-Fong in Gau-Hsung, TAIWAN
Tainanren Theatre Company in Tainan, TAIWAN
C. M. Wang/Shr Yi-Ling in Tainan, TAIWAN
Mary Beth Maslowski in Taipei, TAIWAN
C. M. Wang/Taipei Theater Artists in Taipei, TAIWAN
Squawkt in Chiang Mai, THAILAND
Anthony Collymore in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
Yesim Ozsoy Gulan online and in Istanbul, TURKEY
Eftal Gülbudak in Istanbul, TURKEY
Devrim Nas in Istanbul, TURKEY
Asly Ongoren in Istanbul, TURKEY
U. Uludag in Istanbul, TURKEY
Charlotte Harber in Cardiff, WALES
Clare Sain-ley-Berry/ Miranda Ballin in Cardiff, WALES
Hosted by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs 
Maria Elena Garcia Diaz  in Merida, VENEZUELA
G. Almandoz/M. Zeballos in Montevideo, URUGUAY
Mikki Lipsey in Saint John, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS
Karen Missire in Anchorage, AK, USA
Michael Christenson in Juneau, AK, USA
Jenny Stevens in Kodiak, AK, USA
Tom O'Shea in Auburn, AL, USA
Diana Jordan Allende in Auburn, AL, USA
Ellise Mayor in Birmingham, AL, USA
Lois Lambert in Guntersville/Huntsville/Birmingham, AL, USA
Aaron Cable/Kathleen Mccall in Montgomery, AL, USA
Clint Atchley in Arkadelphia, AR, USA
Michael Henderson in Little Rock, AR, USA
Rancho Linda Vista in Oracle, AR, USA
Deb Shannon in Grand Canyon Village, AZ, USA
Ginna E. Hoff in Paradise Valley, AZ, USA
Ron May/Stray Cat Theatre in Phoenix, AZ, USA
Chris Danowski in Phoenix, AZ, USA
Lauren Barnert/Ken Hosie in Show Low, AZ, USA
Bonnie Eckard in Tempe, AZ, USA
Linda Blan in Thatcher, AZ, USA
EJ Kerwin in Tucson, AZ, USA
S. Vinson/ S. Waldenburger in Tucson, AZ, USA
Rita Mills in Tucson, AZ, USA
Connie Solari in Atherton, CA, USA
Roger Mathey in Bakersfield, CA, USA (two readings)
Bill Bastian in Berkeley, CA, USA
L.T. Renaud in Berkeley, CA, USA (03/01/03)
Private Home Reading in Berkeley, CA, USA
Randall Stuart in Berkeley/Oakland, CA, USA
Tisha Sloan in Blue Lake, CA, USA
Robert Kwalick in Carpinteria, CA, USA
J. D. Dalton in Chico, CA, USA
Ellen Finkelpearl in Claremont, CA, USA
Rebecca Rollins in Claremont, CA, USA
Regina Cate in Concord, CA, USA
Sunny Nordmarken in Davis, CA, USA (03/7/03)
Patricia Bacon/The LuLu's in Emeryville, CA, USA
Candice & Keith Milan in Fremont, CA, USA
Jessica in Hayward, CA, USA
Stephania Widger in Hayward, CA, USA
Joyce Thrift in Hercules, CA, USA
Ann Pellegrini in Irvine, CA, USA
Gabriela Jauregui in Irvine, CA, USA
Carla Smith-Zilber in Kentfield, CA, USA
Private reading in Lafayette, CA, USA
Cal & Dixie Wood in Livermore, CA, USA
Kathryn Jennings in Long Beach, CA, USA
Kay Thornton in Los Altos Hills, CA, USA
Gleason Bauer in Los Angeles, CA, USA
-----w/ Jane Alexander and over 20 regional companies
Maryam Griffin in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Joanna Bloem in Los Angeles, CA, USA (03/02/03 & 03/03/03)
Eliza Schneider in Los Angeles, CA, USA
-----The girl from Southpark on Comedy Central!!!
Cindy Fulchino in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Maggie Bourque in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Stephen Brown online and in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Ellen Collins in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Marion Levine in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Bonnie Elliott in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Chiara Sulpriazio in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Karen Marie Seigel in Los Angeles/Burbank, CA, USA
Gioconda Belli in Los Angeles/Santa Monica, CA, USA
-----All Star Cast: Julie Christie, Eric Stoltz, Jose Zuniga...
Barbara O'Neill Ferris in Malibu/Point Dume, CA, USA
A. Gargonz in Modesto, CA, USA
Ashley Simmons in Monterey, CA, USA
David Gassner in Napa, CA, USA
Phillip Sneed on KVMR-FM & in Nevada City, CA, USA
Jason Breitkopf in North Hollywood, CA, USA
America Young in North Hollywood, CA, USA
A. Stewart in North Hollywood, CA, USA
-----Starring Charlotte Rae, Charles Durnin, Kimberly King...
Sandra Lupien in Oakland, CA, USA
Gail Tennant in Oakland, USA
Maurice Diepeveen in Ojai, CA, USA
Patti Strickand in Oxnard, CA, USA
Katie Paul in Palm Springs, CA, USA
Jane in Pasadena, CA, USA
Josephine Perry in Pittsburg, CA, USA
Donna Wapner in Pleasant Hill, CA, USA
Scott McMorrow in Point Reyes Station, CA, USA
Suzan Fairchild in Rolling Hills Estates, CA, USA
Sharon Jacoby in Sacramento, CA, USA
Ann Tracy in Sacramento, CA, USA
Sabrina Molinar/Nancy Tedder in San Bernardino, CA, USA
Jennifer Brown in San Diego, CA, USA
Joan Foster in San Diego, CA, USA
James Ferguson in San Diego, CA, USA
Monica Cuoco in San Diego, CA, USA
Dale Morris in San Diego, CA, USA
Looking Glass Theatre in San Diego, CA, USA
Christine McHugh in San Francisco, CA, USA
Jessica Heidt in San Francisco, CA, USA
L. Simon in San Francisco, CA, USA
Thyrza Eyre in San Francisco, CA, USA
H. Gatty in San Francisco, CA, USA
J.Bernier in San Francisco, CA, USA
Wm Leslie Howard in San Jose, CA, USA
------One Man Water Cooler Version!!!
Andrew Fleck in San Jose, CA, USA
Dlyan Russell in San Leandro, CA, USA
Jamie Sweet in Santa Anna, CA, USA
Ellen Anderson/Liz Estrada in Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Sarah Grojean in Santa Clara, CA, USA
Jody Greene in Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Larry Carlin on KRCB-FM radio & in Sebastapol, CA, USA
Linda Garbesi in Sonoma, CA, USA
Richard Martin in Stanford, CA, USA
Ann Patricio/Haley White in Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
Ellen Geer/ Peter Alsop in Topanga Canyon, CA, USA
Meredith Schade in Valencia, CA, USA
V. Dillman in Venice, CA, USA
Heather A. Beasley in Boulder, CO, USA
Roni Chernin in Crestone, CO, USA
Heather Larson in Denver, CO, USA
Devon Adams in Denver, CO, USA
Carol Bloom & Penny Cole in Denver, CO, USA
Ruthie Ammari Pfeiffer in Denver, CO, USA
Chip Lee in Denver, CO, USA
Suzanne Coley in Denver, CO, USA
Kathryn Moller in Durango, CO, USA
Kevin Seaman in Greeley, CO, USA
Rebecca Parnell in Littleton, CO, USA
M. Sprunger-Froese in Manitou Spgs/Colorado Spgs, CO, USA
Maria Ogren in Branford, CT, USA
David Sousa in Hartford, CT, USA
Catherine E. Hoyser in Hartford, CT, USA
??? in Madison, CT, USA
Brian Herrera in New Haven, CT, USA
Christopher Arnott in New Haven, CT, USA
Eyal Kimchi in New Haven, CT, USA
Lori Martin in New Haven, CT, USA
Nina Barclay in Norwich, CT, USA
Mary Minehan in Simsbury, CT, USA
Marilyn Archibald in Storrs, CT, USA
Martha Fleming-Ives at Wesleyan University, CT, USA
Catherine Hoyser in West Hartford, CT, USA
David Rosenberg in Westport, CT, USA
----- Starring Mia Dillon, Keir Dullea!
Mary MacDonald in Woodstock, CT, USA
Joe Martin in Washington, DC, USA
A. Roth in Washington, DC, USA
Genevieve Compton in Washington, DC, USA
C. Baker-Oliver in Washington, DC, USA
Rev. Laureen Smith in Washington, DC, USA (03/05/03)
Beebe Frazer in Lewes, DE, USA
Catherine Glynn in Newark, DE, USA
Sherry Goodman Watt in Boca Grande, FL, USA
Bonnie Benson/Crone's Cousel in Boca Raton, FL, USA
Jaime Scherrer in Coral Gables, FL, USA
Matthew MacDermid/Jenny Sejansky in DeLand, FL, USA
Laura Salazar in Dunedin, FL, USA
The Women's Theatre Project in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
Frances Sinderwahl, Ph.D in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
Unitarian Universalist Church in Ft. Myers, FL, USA
Karla Engel in Ft. Myers, FL, USA
Shawn LeNoble in Jacksonville Beach, FL, USA
Robbie Rand in Key Biscayne, FL, USA
Chris O'Brien in Key West, FL, USA
Connie Gilbert in Key West, FL, USA (03/03/03 & 03/08/03)
Stephanie & Patrick Shearer in Miami, FL, USA
Heather Rae Miller in Miami, FL, USA
Susan Giles-Klein in Miami, FL, USA
Kathryn DiBernardo in Orlando, FL, USA
Sandra Cawthern in Orlando, FL, USA
Kyle Bostian in Sarasota, FL, USA
Ellen Graham/Jennifer Latshaw in St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Cara Rosson in Tallahassee, FL, USA
Jean Graham-Jones in Tallahassee, FL, USA
Andres F. Pisapia in Tampa, FL, USA
Michèle Young/Gorilla Theater in Tampa, FL, USA
Gaynelle Caldwell in W.Palm Beach/Lake Worth, FL, USA
Srikanta Banerjee in Atlanta, GA, USA (02-27-03)
Sally Macewen in Atlanta, GA, USA
Atlanta Urban Mediamakers Assn. in Atlanta, GA, USA
Priscilla Smith in Atlanta, GA, USA
Shelby Hofer in Atlanta, GA, USA
Synchronicity Pef Grp/Georgia Shakes Fest in Atlanta, GA, USA
Anita Bell in Augusta, GA, USA
EstroFest Productions in Decatur, GA, USA
Sarah Nichols in Decatur, GA, USA
Virginia Dicken in Macon, GA, USA
Walter Bilderback in Milledgeville, GA, USA
Jennifer Danforth in Oxford, GA, USA
Kathie de Nobriga in Pine Lake, GA, USA

S. Hawkins in Hilo, HI, USA
Karen Archibald in Honolulu, HI, USA
Melonie Hofstetter in Lihue, Kauai, HI, USA
Ed Jor-El Elkin/Nadine Newlight in Maui, HI, USA

Betsy Mayfield in Ames, IA, USA
Jade Bettin in Cedar Falls, IA, USA
Karla Steffens in Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
Stacie O'Connor in Des Moines, IA, USA
Beth Hirst in Des Moines, IA, USA
S. Payne in Des Moines, IA, USA
Linda Johnson in Grinnell, IA, USA
Lindsey Ingles in Indianola, IA, USA
Jody Hovland/Ron Clark in Iowa City, IA, USA
Scot West in Iowa City, IA, USA
Lisa Schlesinger in Iowa City, IA, USA
Janessa Hale in Lamoni, IA, USA
Karla Steffans-Moran in Mt. Vernon, IA, USA
Ruby Nancy in Quad-Cities, IA/IL, USA
Christine Burnett in Boise, ID, USA
Barbara Martin-Sparrow in Boise, ID, USA
Cecelia Luschnig in Moscow, ID, USA
Heidi Harold in Pocatello, ID, USA
Debra Douglas in Sandpoint, ID, USA
Margie Gustafson in Batavia, IL, USA
Jane Wallace in Bloomington-Normal, IL, USA
Rebecca Fishel Bright in Carbondale, IL, USA
Laura Scott Wade in Chicago, IL, USA
-----Chicago Area 15+ readings!
Sarah Legowski in Galesburg, IL, USA
Margaret Boehle in Joliet, IL, USA
Jennifer Ludden in Joliet, IL, USA
Nadine Franklin in Malta, IL, USA
Lefki Papachrysostomou in Montpellier, IL, USA
SirToby in Oak Park, IL, USA
Donna Olson in Peoria, IL, USA
Dennis Rendleman in Springfield, IL, USA
Kari Anderson in Springfield, IL, USA
Sarah Rizza in Evansville, IL, USA
Michael Swanson in Franklin, IL, USA (2 readings)
Orene Colcord in Ft. Wayne, IL, USA
Mary Trotter in Indianapolis, IL, USA
LaRonika Thomas in Lafayette, IL, USA
Scott Strode in North Manchester, IL, USA
Erika Harriford-Mclaren in South Bend, IL, USA
LaRonika Thomas in West Lafayette, IL, USA
Katy Wolff in Lawrence, KS, USA
Don Hedrick in Manhattan, KS, USA
Lissa Staley in Topeka, KS, USA
Tyler Eastman in Wichita, KS, USA
Barbara Lakes in Berea, KY, USA
Molly Kerby in Bowling Green, KY, USA
Maggie Brown in Bowling Green, KY, USA
Roni Gilpin in Harrodsburg, KY, USA
M. Jafarzadeh in Lexington, KY, USA
Joan F. Rue in Lexington, KY, USA
Meagan Winters in Louisville, KY, USA
Actors Theater of Lousiville in Louisville, KY, USA
Pleiades Theater Co in Louisville, KY, USA
Lava House in Louisville, KY, USA
Amber Burgess in Newport, KY, USA
Joy Pace in Owensboro, KY, USA
John Maruskin in Winchester, KY, USA
Patti Powell in Alexandria, LA, USA
Sarah Jane Johnson in Baton Rouge, LA, USA
T. D. McCain in New Orleans, LA, USA
Dominica Borg in Amherst, MA, USA
Pallavi Nagesha in Bedford, MA, USA
Sophie Parker/Nicole Imbracsio in Boston, MA, USA
Nili Pearlmutter in Boston, MA, USA (03/02/03)
Michelle Kweder/Carolyn Wahto in Boston, MA, USA
Paolo S. DiFabio in Boston, MA, USA
Deborah Mero in Boston, MA, USA
Alison Potoma in Boston, MA, USA
Kyra Fries in Boston, MA, USA
Susan Thompson-Kim Mancuso in Boston, MA, USA
Jaclyn Friedman in Cambridge, MA, USA
Sarah M. Braik in Cambridge, MA, USA
Deborah Little Wyman in Cambridge, MA, USA
Lisa N. Davis in Cambridge, MA, USA (03/02/03)
Lynda Sturner in Cape Cod, MA, USA
Dina Harris in Provincetown, MA, USA
Sonali Kumar Concord Academy in Concord, MA, USA
Lauren Osornio in Concord, MA, USA
Jennifer Stiles in East Bridgewater, MA, USA
Rev. Robert F. Murphy in Falmouth, MA, USA
Heidi Wakeman in Gloucester, MA, USA
David Wade Smith in Great Barrington, MA, USA
The First Church in Ipswich, MA, USA
Mary Lincoln in Lincoln, MA, USA
Chrystal Caron in Lowell, MA, USA
Jennifer Rodrigue in Lynn, MA, USA
Kristen Fehlhaber in Marblehead, MA, USA
Rev. Robin Gray in Milford, MA, USA
Sarah Fuhro in Natick, USA
Ron Pullins in Newburyport, MA, USA
E.Soldinger/L.Kaye-Moses/Main Stage in North Adams, MA, USA
Nicholas Thaw in North Quabbin, MA, USA
Shoshana Marchand in Northampton, MA, USA
Abby Russell in Norton, MA, USA
E.Soldinger/L.Kaye-Moses/Berk. Artisans in Pittsfield, MA, USA
Lois Martin in Salem, MA, USA
Miriam Klamkin in Salem, MA, USA
Rachel Popowich in Shelburne Falls, MA, USA
Rev. Arline Conan Sutherland in Somerville, MA, USA
Beth Ann Rothermel in Westfield, MA, USA
Sally Kintner in Westford, MA, USA
Denali Delmar in Westford, MA, USA
Todd Felton in Wilbraham, MA, USA
Earthspirit in Worthington, MA, USA
Tracey Toscano in ???, MD, USA
Mandy Dalton in Annapolis, MD, USA
Roberta Wells-Famula in Annapolis, MD, USA
Anna Evanstein in Baltimore, MD, USA
Eileen O'Brien in Baltimore, MD, USA
Robyn Quick in Baltimore, MD, USA
Janelle Barlage in Baltimore, MD, USA
B. Pfeiffer/Janelle in Baltimore, MD, USA
Mary Dagold in Baltimore, MD, USA
Kateri Chambers in Baltimore, MD, USA
Denise Gantt in Baltimore, MD, USA
Tara Cariaso in Baltimore, MD, USA
Mickey Mullany in Baltimore, MD, USA
Jean Lee Cole in Baltimore, MD, USA
J. Fletcher in Chestertown, MD, USA
Jennifer Nelson in College Park, MD, USA
Chuck DeVoe in College Park, MD, USA
Gene Fouche in Frederick, MD, USA
Tania Gale in Lusby, MD, USA
Tom Mikotowicz, Ph.D in ???, ME, USA
Braden Chapman in Gorham, ME, USA
Forest Hunter in Hallowell, ME, USA (03/02/03)
Sarah Shed in Hallowell, ME, USA
Laura Slap in Kennebunk, ME, USA
Matthew Fox Rosler in Lewiston, ME, USA
D. Brown in Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Simone Yehuda in Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Anna-Rose Mathieson in Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Corey Triplett in Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Amy Arena in Detroit, MI, USA
Gillian Eaton/Meghan Clark in Detroit, MI, USA
Paul Kershaw in Ferndale/Royal Oaks, MI, USA
Rachel Finan in Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Miriam Engstrom in Grosse Pointe, MI, USA
Kevin Dodd in Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Kate Weilnau in Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Aryn Bartley in Lansing, MI, USA
John Anthony La Pietra in Marhsall, MI, USA (2 readings)
Annie Bilton in Ypsilanti, MI, USA
Jerry Girton in Austin, MN, USA
Jean M. Sramek in Duluth, MN, USA
Lis McCrea in Ely, MN, USA
Christine Winkler in Lanesboro, MN, USA
Bayla McDougal in Minneapolis, MN, USA
Amy Salloway, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA
-----15+ readings all over the Twin Cities!
Craig Ellingson in Moorhead, MN, USA
Argie Manolis in Morris, MN, USA
Shari Setchell in Northfield, MN, USA
Meredith G. in Northfield, MN, USA
Ann Whelan in Rochester, MN, USA
Steffanie Moxon in St. Paul, MN, USA
Rachel M. Blunk in St. Peter, MN, USA
Pamela Marquis in Columbia, MO, USA
Diane Bulan in Kansas City, MO, USA
Kathleen Warfel in Kansas City, MO, USA
Becky Becker in Kirksville, MO, USA
Elizabeth Paddock in Springfield, MO, USA
Ann Canale in St. Charles, MO, USA
Robert Neblett in St. Louis, MO, USA
Amanda Link in St. Louis, MO, USA
Margi Oard in Gulfport, MS, USA
Catherine Freis in Jackson, MS, USA
Wild Women of the West in Billings, MT, USA
Sheila Roberts in Dillon, MT, USA
Carla Abrams in Missoula, MT, USA
Sophie Mills in Asheville, NC, USA
Lisa Sarasohn in Asheville, NC, USA
Sarah Zerner in Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Allison Modafferi/Tony Torn in Charlotte, NC, USA
Keyne Cheshire in Davidson, NC, USA
Nan L. Stephenson in Durham, NC, USA
Jack Zerbe in Greensboro, NC, USA
Carole Lindsey-Potter/Jody Cauthen in Greensboro, NC, USA
Doris G. Wallace in Hickory, NC, USA (03/30/03)
Lola Davis-Jones in Kill Devil Hills, NC, USA
Daryl Walker in Pittsboro, NC, USA
Kurt Benrud in Raleigh, NC, USA
Lissa Brennan in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Woody Hood in Salisbury, NC, USA
Sarah Bellino in Swannanoa, NC, USA
Gina Gambony in Wilmington, NC, USA
C. Gendrich in Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Ana Noelle Rusness-Petersen in Fargo, ND, USA
Kathy Coudle King in Grank Forks, ND, USA
Judith K. Hart in Lincoln, NE, USA
Cindy Asrir in Omaha, NE, USA
Marybeth Bentwood in Concord, NH, USA
Marybeth Bentwood in Durham, NH, USA
Karen C. Prior/Rebekah Bergeron in Exeter, NH, USA
Margaret.Williamson in Hanover, NH, USA
Sharon Lajoie in Henniker, NH, USA
Dan Patterson in Keene, NH, USA
Wyckham Avery/Trippi Mikich in Peterborough, NH, USA
G. Fisher in Plymouth, NH, USA
Harmony Goldstein in Rindge, NH, USA
Lillian Ribeiro in Hoboken, NJ, USA
Laura R. Dougherty in Madison, NJ, USA
Paul Ellis in Montclair, NJ, USA
Paul Sugarman in Montclair, NJ, USA
Helen A. Kuryllo in Montclair, NJ, USA
Jane Mandel/Luna Stage in Montclair, NJ, USA
Pandora Scooter in New Brunswick, NJ, USA
Naomi Miller in Newton, NJ, USA
Ruby in Princeton, NJ, USA
Lisa McNulty in Princeton, NJ, USA
-----starring Blair Brown, Julyana Soelys & Emily Mann
Bobbie Fishman in Princeton, NJ, USA
Peter Horn/Jenise Morgan in Westfield, NJ, USA
Jane & Phil Blume in Albuquerque, NM, USA
Uma Krishnaswami in Aztec, NM, USA
Rosalia Triana in Espanola, NM, USA
Karen O'Kain in Los Lunas, NM, USA
Claudia and Bill Page in Ojo Caliente, NM, USA
Anne Costanza in Questa, NM, USA
Argos MacCallum in Santa Fe, NM, USA
Dr. Carol Lee Callen in Santa Fe, NM, USA
James Rice in Elko, NV, USA
Renee Christy in Las Vegas, NV, USA
Judith Fetterley in Albany, NY, USA
Becky Prophet in Alfred, NY, USA
Jean Wagner in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA
Marcia K. Morrison in Batavia, NY, USA
Bonnie Winfield in Binghamton, NY, USA
Maria Pendolino in Binghamton, NY, USA
Lona Kaplan in Binghamton, NY, USA
Maria Scipione in Brockport, NY, USA
Livia Woods in Bronxville, NY, USA
Beth Perkins in Brookville, NY, USA
Margaret Smith/Lorna Hill in Buffalo, NY, USA
Lisa Hayes/Mary Kate O'Connell in Buffalo/Snyder, NY, USA
Connie Meng in Canton, NY, USA
Vanessa Dillman in Cazenovia, NY, USA
Barbara Gold in Clinton, NY, USA
Cher Holt-Fortin in DeWitt, NY, USA
Tim Mele in Geneva, NY, USA
Dorothy Scharf in Great Neck, NY, USA
Nancy Rothman/Andrew Joffe in Hudson, NY, USA
Geri Lipschultz in Huntington Station, NY, USA
Lesley Greene in Ithaca, NY, USA
Danielle Woerner in Kingston, NY, USA
Laurie Peterson in New Rochelle, NY, USA
Kathryn Blume in NY, NY, USA
------Over 60 readings in NYC!!!
Actors from Guiding Light in NY, NY, USA
Bonnie Black in Plattsburgh, NY, USA
Anne Malone in Potsdam, NY, USA
Linda Starkweather in Rochester, NY, USA
Monica Florence in Rochester, NY, USA
Fionnuala Regan in Rochester, NY, USA
Dianne Fortado in Saranac Lake, NY, USA
Sarah Craig in Saratoga Springs, NY, USA
Michael Arnush in Saratoga Springs, NY, USA
Hugh Jenkins in Schenectady, NY, USA
Katie Zaffrann in Syracuse, NY, USA
Synergy/Claire Bobrycki in Syracuse, NY, USA
Susan Galbraith in Syracuse, NY, USA
Russell Sage College in Troy, NY, USA
Nora Freeman in Westchester/Port Chester, NY, USA
Danielle Woerner in Woodstock, NY, USA
Megan Elk in Akron, OH, USA
Jason Parrish/Jami Talbott in Ashland, OH, USA
Nancy Beres in Athens, OH, USA
Aaron Carter in Athens, OH, USA
Meredith Flynn in Bowling Green, OH, USA
Julie Atkin in Cincinnati, OH, USA (Ded. to Robert E. Hassett)
Kristin Dietsche in Cincinnati, OH, USA
Kevin Cronin in Cleveland, OH, USA
Susan Petrone in Cleveland, OH, USA
Susann Moeller in Columbus, OH, USA
Jared Berry/Carla Carpenter in Columbus, OH, USA
Alan Woods in Columbus, OH, USA
Mary Sue Gmeiner in Dayton, OH, USA
Andrea Auten in Dayton, OH, USA
Josh Keiter in Kent, OH, USA
Sharon Huge in Lancaster, OH, USA
Maureen Olander in Marietta, OH, USA
Don Langford in Newark, OH, USA
Thomas Van Nortwick in Oberlin, OH, USA
Ann Elizabeth Armstrong/Denise McCoskey in Oxford, OH, USA
Steven C. Reynolds in Springfield, OH, USA
Sue Carter in Toledo, OH, USA
Kristin in Xenia, OH, USA
Melissa Heston in Yellow Springs, OH, USA
Amelia Pedigo in Norman, OK, USA
Amy Pepper in Norman, OK, USA
Carolyn Roark in Stillwater, OK, USA
Amber Whitlatch in Tulsa, OK, USA
Kathy Claussen in Ashland, OR, USA
Andrea Rowe in Cannon Beach, OR, USA
Jane White in Corvallis, OR, USA
Hannah Wilson in Eugene, OR, USA
Steen Mitchell/Sue Dockstader in Eugene, OR, USA
-----Multiple Guerilla Readings!!!
Sola Radiance in Hood River, OR, USA
Ben Kerns in Klamath Falls, OR, USA
Brenda DeVore Marshall in McMinnville, OR, USA
Kate Mytron in Portland, OR, USA
Erin Jones in Portland, OR, USA
Paul Rummell in Portland, OR, USA
Anne Dunlap in Portland, OR, USA
Alyssa Bradac in Salem, OR, USA
Gail Parker in Yachats, OR, USA
Margaret Capozzolo in Bethlehem, PA, USA
Gelsey Bell in Bethlehem, PA, USA
Stephen Weitz in Bloomsburg, PA, USA (03/02/03)
Rebecca Brown in Bryn Mawr, PA, USA
Amanda Roth in Easton, PA, USA
Julie Green in Edinboro/Erie, PA, USA
Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA, USA
Sara Steelman in Indiana, PA, USA (04/04/03 & 04/05/03)
Casey Clapp/Adele Ulrich in Lancaster, PA, USA
J. Jones in Lewisburg, PA, USA
Tami Shilling in Meadville, PA, USA
Laurie Mufson in Mercerburg, PA, USA
Jennifer Lutz in Mt. Lebanon, PA, USA
Nelson Camp in Newtown, PA, USA
Julia Granacki in Philadelphia, PA, USA
Reva Fox in Philadelphia, PA, USA
L. Daniels in Philadelphia, PA, USA
Britt Marie in Philadelphia, PA, USA
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA, USA
Craig Tavani in Phoenixville, PA, USA
Renee Blinkwolt in Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Heather Arnet in Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Amy Loveridge/Paul Kovach in Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Beth Kopicki in Reading, PA, USA
Sara Phillips in Rose Valley, PA, USA
Michael J. Paulukonis in Scranton, PA, USA
Adriana Pevec Brown in State College, PA, USA
Myra Vallianos in Swarthmore, PA, USA
Alison Hirsch in Williamsport, PA, USA
Katherine Wasdin in Providence, RI, USA
Amy Kirk in Providence, RI, USA
Susan Dunn in Charleston, SC, USA
Erin Jenkins in Clemson, SC, USA
Thorne Compton in Columbia, SC, USA
Lisa Hall in Greenville, SC, USA
Jeannie Woods in Rock Hill, SC, USA
Harold Hynick in Mitchell, SD, USA
Mary Garrigan in Rapid City, SD, USA
Pat Cronin in Johnson City, TN, USA
Kara Kemp in Knoxville, TN, USA (03-08-03)
Heidi Hansen in Maryville, TN, USA
Kermit Medsker in Memphis, TN, USA
Audrey Campbell/Nancy Perkins in Nashville, TN, USA
Diane Saliba Ault in Nashville, TN, USA
-----On steps of Parthenon replica, after a sit-in to get a permit!!
Ben Oldham in Sewanee, TN, USA
John Howrey in Austin, TX, USA
Melba Martinez in Austin, TX, USA
Jim Lile in Commerce, TX, USA
Becky Phillips in Dallas, TX, USA
Jerrika Hinton in Dallas, TX, USA
C. Gabor/B. Hara/M. Paul in Ft. Worth, TX, USA
Natalie Maisel in Houston, TX, USA
Katie Hughes in Houston, TX, USA
Raymond Caldwell in Kilgore, TX, USA
Sue Weninger/Anne Solomon in Lubbock, TX, USA
Glynis Laing in McAllen, TX, USA
DeAnne DeWitt in Rowlett, TX, USA
Andrea Arellano in San Antonio, TX, USA
Grant McKnight in Tyler, TX, USA
Caril Jennings in Ogden, UT, USA
James Svendsen in Salt Lake City, UT, USA
METROSTAGE in Alexandria, VA, USA
Terry L. Papillon in Blacksburg, VA, USA
Megan LeBoutillier in Charlottesville, VA, USA (03-02-03)
Lois Carter Fay in Dayton, VA, USA
Megan in Fairfax, VA, USA
Michael Lund in Farmville, VA, USA
B. Hardcastle/P. Wray/D. Delaney in Hampton Roads, VA, USA
Amy Cohen in Lynchburg, VA, USA
Lelia Pendleton in Richmond, VA, USA
Jane Rosecrans in Richmond, VA, USA
Shane Watkinson in Sedley, VA, USA
Alison Beach in Williamsburg, VA, USA
Daryl Kenny in Bennington, VT, USA
Marcia Daoudi in Brattleboro, VT, USA
Kelly Thomas/Ruth Wallman in Burlington, VT, USA
Dr. Kirk Andrew Everist in Colchester, VT, USA
Brian Macdonald in Colchester, VT, USA
Addy Smith-Reiman in Hardwick, VT, USA
Janice.Lloyd in Lyndonville, VT, USA
Cheryl Faraone in Middlebury, VT, USA
Pattie Williams in Montpelier, VT, USA
Nora Jacobson in Norwich, VT, USA
Keith H. in Poultney, VT, USA
Tatiana Abatemarco in Poultney, VT, USA
Ethan Bowen in Rochester, VT, USA
Becky Eno in Rutland, VT, USA
Rick and Holliday Rayfield in Waitsfield, VT, USA
Vassie Sinopoulos in Woodstock, VT, USA
K. Horsley/J. Baily in Bainbridge Island, WA, USA
Luanne Napoli in Bellingham, WA, USA
Margaret Gude in Bellingham, WA, USA
Amy Lamanuzzi in Cheney, WA, USA
P. Miles/E. Van Beuzekom in Chimacum, WA, USA
Sherry Reynolds in Everett, WA, USA
Jan Thomas in Friday Harbor, WA, USA
Phyllis von Miller in Newport, WA, USA
C. Peake/D. Siemens in North Kitsap County, WA, USA
Marla Beth Elliott in Olympia, WA, USA
Jordan Hughes in Olympia, WA, USA
Deborah Sparks in Orcas Island, WA, USA
Betsy Wharton in Port Angeles, WA, USA
Deb Donahoe in Richland, WA, USA
David Hsieh/ReAct Theatre in Seattle, WA, USA
L. Worthen/H. Hawkins in Seattle, WA, USA
Aimee Bruneau in Seattle, WA, USA
Sean Ryan in Seattle, WA, USA
Muriel Montgomery/Mary Springer in West Seattle, WA, USA
AngelArmsWorks in Snohomish, WA, USA
Rita Saling/Kim Antieau in Stevenson, WA, USA
Suzy Willhoft in Tacoma, WA, USA
Rachel Permann in Tacoma, WA, USA
Carolanne Steinebach in Twisp, WA, USA
Kate Lanigan in Vashon Island, WA, USA
Vashon Bookshop in Vashon Island, WA, USA
Teri Zipf in Walla Walla, WA, USA
Laura Boram in Whidbey Island, WA, USA
Alexandra Clark in Woodinville, WA, USA
Gina Bloom in Appleton, WI, USA
Beth Ernst/Jefford Vahlbusch in Eau Claire, WI, USA
Tara Reed in Green Bay, WI, USA
J. Detert-Moriarty/J. Kinnaman in Janesville, WI, USA
A. MacLeish in LaCrosse, WI, USA
Debra Nathans in Madison, WI, USA
Kristin Hunt in Madison, WI, USA
Colleen Madden in Milwaukee, WI, USA
Robin Murray in River Falls, WI, USA
Kathryn Wodtke in Shorewood, WI, USA
Aikyo Toyozumi in Stevens Point, WI, USA
??? in Lewisburg, WV, USA
Kathleen Ryan in Morgantown, WV, USA
J. Andrew Clovis in Parkersburg, WV, USA
Margie Anich in Thomas, WV, USA
Eric Schuyler in Gillette, WY, USA
Gigi Jasper in Rock Springs, WY, USA
Clare Walsh in Wright, WY, USA

(Yes, there are more than 1,029 readings listed here -- some came on board after 03/03/03.)