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Aug 30, 2007

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August 20, 2007 - Monday

a partial account of summer 07
Category: Music

a partial account of summer 2007

I'm back from national guitar workshop, its good to return to Nashville and relax. I stopped over in lexington to hang out with my family which was also very pleasant. The last handfull of days have been like a giant exhale. I'm pleased to see that my frogs are well and fat as can be with the exception of Little Spot the eastern spadefoot toad who passed away while I was gone. He had been sick previously so it came as little surprise for toads rarely recover from illness. My only consolation was that I was able to leave my little friends in the care of a well experienced sitter, who used to take care of the amphibians at the Nashville Zoo, so I know that he had the best care available. He will be missed. Goodbye Little Spot.

It was fortunate that schedules permitted me to spend some catching up time with photographer and our webmaster Thorne which had previously been thought an impossibility. He impressed me with tales of his teaching experiences in Saudi Arabia this past year. For an example of his skillfull work you need only look at the back of the new CD. If this compells you further, visit http://www.justthorne.com

It is regretable that while in the northeast that I didn't get to spend more time with my old friends and musical collaborators there. What little time that was spent was quality.

Work will not be missed but my coworkers will be. Deep down they're a good lot.

Nashville will be considerably less blessed by the absence of four friends who have split for greener pastures(both literally and figuratively due to a grass browning draught). Two social pillars and two bandmates. Lisa, Gary, Gabe, and Mike - I'd cut off a piece of my ear to get you all back.

My brother Rick is returning to Iraq for a second tour. To him and my other friends in the hot zone we wish safe journey. (Possibly an oxymoron?) In which case an Irish blessing comes to mind "may the sand rise to meet your boots and may the fellow watching your six be at least as good a shot as you are."  Bring yourselves back  in one piece friends.

On a brighter note , I'd like to thank two musicians whose generosity kept me a fairly regular gigging schedule while so far from home. Jon Coates and Mike Griffin, thanks for helping a brother out. http://www.myspace.com/mikegriffin89 http://www.myspace.com/iamjoncoates

Nearly finished reading a book on entomophagy, bug eating that is, called "THE EAT-A-BUG COOKBOOK
33 Ways to Cook Grasshoppers, Ants, Water Bugs, Spiders, Centipedes and Their Kin by
David George Gordon" It contains alot of great insect facts both trivial and nutritional. It is interesting to note that many insects have a protien content that rivals that of beef. Surely this is a much overlooked source of food espescially in dire situations. If you want to keep it Kosher crickets, grasshoppers and Katydids are still an option. While sharing a handfull of pan fried crickets this summer with one bass player friend of mine, he commented that the taste and texture was reminiscant of pastaschios. One man's plague is another man's feast. For me, this is the brand of optimism that always elicits a wide grin.

A classical guitar has always seemed about as foriegn to some of us steel stringers as a glass full of fountain soda with no ice seems to an american southerner touring europe. I found a deal on a classical with a finish defect that was too good to pass up. After an initial awkward period of getting to know one another I predict that we will get along just fine. I'm even starting to like her wide neck.

A show is scheduled in ye ole hometown (lexington KY) on my birthday, august 23rd, at the Dame. It is with some regret that I admit that my plan to have everyone who played on my first two albums join me onstage has fallen through. We knew that it would be a logistic nightmare but were prepared to meet the challenge anyway. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control some key players will not be making the scene, however, we remain undaunted and there will be guests and surprises nonetheless. Hope remains that it will be an event worthy of attendance.

That is all that is fit for print. This perhaps catches us up somewhat.



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May 16, 2007 - Wednesday

Attention: Venues in NY/CT area

    Right now I'm looking to fill these dates in the CT/ NY area this summer 2007.  July 6,7,13,14,27,28   &  August 3,4,10,11.    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Past Venues Played:



    Bluebird Cafe - Nashville TN
   CBGB's Gallery 313 - New York ,NY
   The Mercy Lounge - Nashville TN
   Museum of Costume - Bath England
   The Dame  - Lexington KY
   Borders- Nashville TN
   Borders - Memphis TN
   Borders- Knoxville TN
   Barnes and Noble - Lexington KY
   University Of Louisville  Red Barn-  Louisville KY
   University of KY Student Center - Lexington KY
   University of KY 88.1 WRFL on air performances - Lexington KY
   Ear X-tacy Records  -  Louisville KY
   CD central - Lexington KY
   The Springwater- Nashville TN
   The 5 Spot - Nashville TN
   Cafe Coco- Nashville TN
   Elm Hill Bar- Nashville TN
   National Guitar Workshop faculty concerts - New Milford, CT
   Xhedo's Cafe -  Detroit, MI
   Mac's Bar - Lansing, MI
   Highland Tap Room   - Louisville KY
   BBC Brewing Co.  -  Louisville KY
   Clifton's Pizza - Louisville KY
   Twice Told Coffeehouse- Louisville KY
   The Lava House  - Louisville KY
   Third St Dive -  Louisville KY
   Common Grounds Coffee House  - Lexington KY
   High On Rose- Lexington KY
   Unique Books- Lexington KY
   Arts Place - Lexington KY
   Backstage Cafe- Lexington KY
   The Corner Lounge- Knoxville TN
   Smith's Olde Bar- Atlanta GA
   The Globe -  Athens GA



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February 4, 2007 - Sunday

ESFA college radio report (+ a favor?)
Current mood: contemplative

    thought I'd post a progress report as to how the record is doing at college radio.  All efforts on my part have been exhausted so I'll tell you whats happening.    There is good news and there is bad news.   The good news is that ESFA was added and played, to some degree, on about 100 college stations accross the country.     The North east was particularly good to us,  which came as no surprise as they usually recieve the live show with more enthuisiasm than other regions.   The Bad news is that you need to be played on at least 300 stations in the same month just to hit the bottom of the college charts.  

   People frequently ask how my sales are.     response:   "well  I hear its gonna go tin any day now"         Most of my friends haven't been able to buy one yet.   Thank you so much if you have purchased one.  Promoting a record is very expensive and you've helped me ease the hemorhaging.    Don't forget - if you're low on funds there are a few free downloads on the official website to tide you over.

  Here is the favor part.   Posted below is a list of college stations playing the record.  Please scroll through them and see if there are any in your area of which you are a listener.   If you find one you frequent - please call and request your favorite track on the new record.

                 Thank you  



AL Jacksonville WLJS


AR East Camden KCAC (high school)



AZ Tucson KAMP



CA La Verne KULV

CA Moraga KSMC

CA Rohnert Park KSUN

CA El Cajon KGFN

CA Lemoore KGAR(high school)

CA San Marcos KKSM


CO Durango KDUR

CO Denver KRCX

CO Colorado Springs KAFA


CT West Hartford WWUH

CT Fairfield WVOF

CT Willimantic WECS

CT Storrs WHUS

CT New Britain WFCS


GA Valdosta WVVS




Ia Ames KURE


IL Chicago WRDP / Radio Depaul

IL Chicago WXAV

IL Carbondale WIDB


IN Fort Wayne WCYT (high school)

IN Notre Dame WVFI

IN Evansville WSWI

IN Terre Haute WMHD

IN North Manchester WBKE


KY Lexington WRFL


LA Shreveport KSCL

LA Thibodaux KNSU

LA Ruston KLPI


MA Worcester WSCW

MA North Easton WSHL

MA South Hadley WMHC

MA Williamstown WCFM

MA Waltham WBRS


ME Waterville WMHB


MI Canton WSDP

MI Warren WPHS(high school)

MI Allendale WCKS


MN Moorhead KMSC - Minnesota

MN St. Paul WMCN

MN Winona KSMR


MO St.Louis KWUR

MO St Louis KDHX

MO St. Louis KSLU-1

MO St. Louis 3WK (WEB)


MS Hattiesburg WUSM


NC Greenville WZMB




NM Las Cruces KRUX


NJ Upper Montclair WMSC

NJ Teaneck WFDU

NJ W. Long Branch WMCX

NJ Piscataway RLC

NJ Glassboro WGLS


NY Amherst WRUB

NY Brookville WCWP

NY Oneonta WONY

NY Fredonia WCVF

NY New York WPUB

NY Jamaica WSJU

NY Purchase WMVL

NY Potsdam WAIH

NY Oswego WNYO

NY Syosset WKWZ

NY St. Bonaventure WSBU

NY Valhalla WARY

NY New York WBMB


OH Liberty Township WLHS(high school)

OH Athens WOUB

OH Dayton WWSU


OK Stillwater KXZY


ONT Mississauga CFRE

Ontario Thunder Bay CILU

ON Scarborough CSCR


OR La Grande KEOL

OR Portland KDUP

OR Portland KPSU


PA Allentown WMUH

PA Pittsburgh WPTS

PA Nanticoke WSFX

PA Johnstown WUPJ

PA Pittsburgh WPPJ

PA Mansfield WNTE

PA Millersville WIXQ

PA Wilkes Barre WCLH

PA Reading WXAC


RI Bristol WQRI


SC Clemson WSBF


TN Cookeville WTTU

TN Murfreesboro WMTS


TX Richardson Radio UTD


UT Salt Lake City KUTE

Ut Ogden KWCR


VA Richmond WVCW

VA Fairfax WGMU

VA Lexington WLUR


VT Middlebury WRMC


WA Spokane KWRS


WI Sheboygan WSHS (high school)

WI Superior KUWS

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November 30, 2006 - Thursday

On the Tracks makes nice with MP3tunes.com

From the MP3tunes.com November Newsletter

LANCE WHALEN - On the Tracks  Listen Sideload

With a new album in hand, Lance Whalen is ready to sweeten your soul. On the Tracks is full of Lance's sincere, whiskeyesque vocals. Don't miss an opportunity to see him live in his hometown of Nashville, TN.

If you get your fix from MP3tunes then you know that this means they're offering it as a free download .  I believe that they also have a Tom Waits exclusive " Road to Peace" for free download as well. Its wrth checking out for sure.


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SPUN records two cents on ESFA


            From SPUN's Newsletter-

* Local Music*- If you were to bring a caldron of water to a William Topley boil,
sprinkle in bits of Tom Wait's talking blues and toss in some Crash Test Dummies clever
low grumble moan, you'd get good ole* Lance Whalen*. And the said man has his second
album out called /Ever Since Forever After/, filled with his transparent confessionary
stories of struggle and hope and you can give it a good listen here at the Spun listening

   And that makes my cat sad,
   Spun Counter Guy

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September 5, 2006 - Tuesday

7" reviewed in Punk Planet

 several issues ago  recently noticed

   its been said that "any press is good press"

 this below pulled from PP#73

Whalen, Lance/Andrew English-EveningMourning 7"
On this split, Whalen is overtly reaching for alternative radio play with his acoustic ballad of an "Out of Tune Love Song" regarding his musical equipment, while English is far more upbeat in both vocals and guitar jaunts, like a lo-fi Andrew Bird, you might find relaying the coffee house open mics with images of "winter papers [that] read like legal manuscripts" and "old planes waiting for the wind to blow." He loses massive points when, after all this, it turns out his "sweet one" is really "a 32 ounce Coke," but regardless, it's still the highlight of these two tracks. (SBM)
Grey Waltz

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