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Openings & New Work

Samplings of the Magna Mater

Digital Video, 2007

"Samplings of the Magna Mater" is a concept video that consists of 125 back-to-back stills, each exactly two-seconds in length.  Each still is a unique, solid color panel.  The color in each panel was sampled from various photos 'of/from/pertaining to' the earth.  Photo subjects from which the color samples were selected include: satellite images of the planet earth, Siberian terrain, Iceland, Alaska, Kenya, flower gardens on Vancouver Island, Bermuda, rivers, red and gray/blue clay, soil, dirt, rain forest, sunset, The World Islands (Dubai), Honduras, foliage, etc...  This video honors the purity and beauty in the range of hues that mother earth miraculously bestows on humanity's visual pallet.

My Luck

Digital Video, 2007

"My Luck" was accepted into a juried art show called "Ignite" that was fire-themed.

This piece represents a demand for fire, which is underscored and intensified by its determined absence.

Destroyed in the Fire.

20 Tits, Arranged Alphabetically

Black & White 4X5 Polaroid Photos
Mounted and Framed, 2007

Each woman selected one word they felt represented who they are. That word was written across their chest in red lip stick, and they were photographed on a white backdrop.

Photos are mounted between black and clear plexiglass on white laminated board with a painted black wood frame.

Words selected by these women: animated, autonomous, bitchin', creative, dissident, fabulous, fast, humorous, loyal, warm.

Session 1
The Failure on Her Wedding Day

Digital Print, 2007


This is the first image in a forthcoming series.

Destroyed in the Fire.

Gallery: Civilization Is Malignant

Sculptural Installation, 2006
Creek rock, river bed clay, wild flowers, litter

This piece was created for an art show called "Saturate" that displayed work created on the theme of water.

The materials used in this piece were gathered over a series of day trips to the Little Kentucky River, which has a popular swimming hole about half way along its length that can be found on a back road in Trimble County Kentucky.

Cross Culture

Mixed Media, 2006

Gallery: Bush Protest in Louisville, KY

Digital Photography, 2006

The photos in this gallery were taken at a George W. Bush protest in downtown Louisville next to the Kentucky International Convention Center.

Honestly, I can't remember if this protest took place in late 2005 or early 2006.

If you happen to know the date of this event, please send me an email!

Destroyed in the Fire.

Gallery: Junk Mail Intervention, Gallery 1

Junk Mail Intervention, 2005 - Present
Junk mail, free postage, markers

1. Tear junk mail up into pieces after receiving it.

2. Stuff the torn up junk mail into the "postage paid" return envelope.

3. Decorate the return envelope with drawings and messages.

4. Place parcel in mailbox so it will be returned to the company, at their expense.

Tip: Stuff the envelope with as much paper as possible to increase the parcel's overall weight. This tactic further increases the postage expense levied on the consumptive junkmailing corporation.


Mixed Media, 2004

Body Solutions

Mixed media, 2004

Holy Consumerism... or Consuming Holiness?

Mixed Media (wood, vinyl, plastic, paper, paint and styrofoam), 2004

Video Gallery: Experimental Video

4-Channel Video Installation, February 2003

In 2003, I began experimenting with video as a meduim. I didn't have access to a camera, and was fascinated with vintage footage I kept finding in online archives. At the same time, I had recently discovered and started working with VJ software. To further my pursuit in new media, I had a computer custom built in January 2003. These videos are a combination of experimentation with recycled footage and VJ software.

This project was created for as a 4-channel video installation in 2003 that was part of a group show at the LAVA House. The event was called "Love and War".

Better quality videos to be added soon.
Video Gallery: Destruction of Nature

2-Channel Video Installation, 2003

This project was created for an environmentally themed show at The Kentucky Theater called "Destruction of Nature: Beauty vs. The Beast".

These two videos were created using vintage footage. The intention was to juxtapose A) humanity's systematic destruction of nature and living things with B) older images of timeless natural beauty that are being reduced to 'captured moments' in history.

Better quality videos to be added soon.
Gallery: Old Design Work, Gallery 1

Print & web design, digital art, drawings

Gallery: Old Design Work, Gallery 2

Print & web design, digital art, 1999-2003

Gallery: Photos/Portraits of Friends

Most of these photos were taken between the years 1998-2002. The exceptions to this date range are the portraits of Roea Wallace, which were taken in 2006.

Gallery: Old Photography Projects

Mostly photos from 1998-2000.

Photos taken for Photo 1 & Photo 2 classes at UofL.

Written Material, Research, and Presentations

The documents in the following section were written while I was pursuing my Master's Degree in Political Science at the University of Louisville from Fall 2004 - Spring 2006. Each bold section heading denotes the specific class for which the documents were created.

International Relations Theory

Housing Development

Neighborhood Planning Studio

Urban Planning and Housing Development of the Netherlands
This class took a week-long trip to Amsterdam over spring break. Each day, the class had a different agenda. We met with architects and urban planners from Amsterdam, Delft, and Rotterdam. We took bike tours of the city. We went on day-trips to various places, such as a man-made island where new housing was being developed, touring Rotterdam with their key urban planner, and visiting the planned community of Almere, which is considered to be a suburb of Amsterdam. This class also met with the leader of the Labor Party, who was also an architecture professor, in the board room of the Dutch East Indies Company (a space now under the control of the local university). We toured the socialist housing Amsterdam School of Architecture museum (Het Schip) with a self-proclaimed anarchist architect named Hein (he was about 70 years old), who was in the process of designing an intentional community.

Urban Design Studio

American Politics

Politics Thru Film

Directed Research Project
This was required for graduation. The MA program gives students the option to take fewer classes and complete a thesis, or take more classes and complete a directed research project. I chose the directed research project, which is essentially a shorter version of a Masters thesis. This was a quantitative research project.

Other Documents

The documents and materials in the following section are not school-related.

My Grandmother's Death (Ellen DeCatherine Willhoite-Breeck)

  • Eulogy for Nana (PDF)
    I gave the eulogy for my grandmother at her funeral in September 2006.
  • Blog entry on experiencing my grandmother's death
    Me, my mom, and my mother's boyfriend were with my grandmother the morning she passed over. It was an amazing, life-changing, spiritual experience. I wrote a blog entry about my experience, and how beautiful it was.


Artist Statements