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Topic: Living with Art
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Thread Review for Living with Art (newest post first)
TangoUniform Posted on 12:54 pm on Aug. 17, 2005
Lava is still gonna be in effect.. albeit minus quite a few of thier artists/residents..

Yes, Lift45 will have events.. it's fucking HUGE ... so there will be large common areas to have shows, dance floor etc.. hopefully even a full dance studio.. but not THIS halloween..

well.. maybe... but I'm guessin it's gonna be at the church in portland.. that's my guess.. things been to hectic to figure out the party that far..
CRASH Posted on 12:51 pm on Aug. 17, 2005

Quote: from TangoUniform on 12:35 pm on Aug. 17, 2005
The trio said they are wearing masks because they want to be in control of their own images.

me too.. so wheres my video footage ?

WEEZIE Posted on 12:39 pm on Aug. 17, 2005
Thats awesome. Will they have art shows? They should throw a big fat Halloween PArty.

<--would go
terri lynn Posted on 12:39 pm on Aug. 17, 2005
that's pretty cool. so no more lava house?
TangoUniform Posted on 12:35 pm on Aug. 17, 2005
My new studio is gonna kick ass.

Studio art
Trio plan a new place to create art

Artists Greg Martin, left, Hallie Jones and Aron Conaway plan to buy and convert the warehouse behind them into an alternative art space. The trio said they are wearing masks because they want to be in control of their own images. (By Pam Spaulding, The Courier-Journal)

Making art and making art a career are often two different things. What younger emerging artists call "self-sustaining art" is a lifestyle in which art and business line up.

That's the notion behind a scheme by LAVA House artists Hallie Jones, 26, and Aron Conaway, 27.

The couple, who are engaged, are joining with artist Greg Martin, 30, to buy a vacant warehouse at 1455 Preston St. near the University of Louisville. The three plan to convert it into studios and alternative art spaces.

The 12,500-square-foot building covers four city lots, said Jones. It has 30 parking spaces; five big, bay doors suitable for art of almost any size; a ground-floor space just right for a cooperative art gallery; and a three-bedroom apartment, where Martin will live.

It already has a name, LIFT.45. An online survey to assess the needs of Louisville-area artists is at p=WEB224JMXDY3CX.

Depending on artists' needs and the results of this survey and an earlier one, there will be 10 to 20 studios in the building with one-year leases. Tenants will share equipment. The partners expect to produce art events, as LAVA House did until the fire marshal stopped the overflow gatherings in too small a space last year.

Conaway, a founder of the LAVA House collective (Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Art at 927 Shelby Parkway), said he and Jones have nearly four years experience in management. "We pretty much ran the LAVA House as far as collecting rent … putting events together, getting art in, accommodating renters."

Now, he said, "we want to have control over our own space and have the opportunity to work on the space we own. We're also looking for something new, something different, taking it to another level, working with other artists who are more like-minded, more conceptual (than object-oriented)." The name LIFT.45 is meant to signify moving up to another level.

The partners want to hook up with the coterie of alternative art spaces that are producing a new, national network that is going its own way outside the traditional gallery system and mainstream museum art world.

"We really want to focus on being active in the community and a force of social change and be really progressive in that way," said Jones. "I don't think we will have a problem filling (the space)."

Conaway said there are already a half-dozen artists ready to sign studio leases.

If all goes well, LIFT.45 will open in October.


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