Chez Moi art gallery displays U of L students' masterpieces

Kevin Koeninger

Issue date: 12/5/06 Section: Arts & Entertainment
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It's not often students are able to display their artwork in a public gallery prior to graduation. Chez Moi, a local gallery owned by Brad Herre, is trying to change that.

Located at 974 Barret Avenue, this recently-opened Louisville art gallery is proud to promote the artwork of University of Louisville students on a regular basis.

Opening less than six months ago, the day after the Derby, Chez Moi's first show included a collection of art from Lava House, a studio that is currently occupied by Colin Miller, a U of L student.

It was Miller's work that then inspired the gallery's third show, which was featured alongside fellow artists Alexander King and Richard Francis. The display's value was estimated at around $85,000.

Miller's most recent work was recognized at Metro Deli in the Aegon Plaza on Dec. 1 as part of an exhibit designed to last throughout the year, and the first "trolley hop," a program allowing art patrons to view art throughout Louisville for free.

Karis West, a fellow U of L student who focused on French and Fine Arts while at the university, has also displayed her work at the Chez Moi Gallery.

In addition to selling several of her pieces, she also participated in workshops and left several of her creations, which are still currently on display.

As for Chez Moi itself, the exhibit currently on display is the gallery's eighth; there are also several remote events in production. Two of these alternate locations include Bardstown Coffee Shop and Gregory Michael's Salon, a venue at which Colin Miller has displayed three of his most recent works.

Beginning Dec. 2, Chez Moi will host "Flight of Angels," another portion of the trolley hop program.

Herre, encourages all U of L students to come out and experience their fellow classmates' work at any of the locations mentioned above.
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