Calendar History of LAVA and the LAVA House

the Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Art and the LAVA House:


Wed. Aug. 25th, Warehouse building is purchased by Glenn Herre

2001 –

April 8th or April 15th, Artist and soon-to-graduate UofL Bachelor of Fine Arts student, Aron Conaway drafts a manifesto to present ideals for which a new kind of organization could strive to achieve. Intending to be a collaborative project with also-soon-to-graduate UofL student Thomas Brown, it calls for need to find a space, build a community, and search for a new function for art in the new millennium. It calls for a deep exploration of Art’s purpose in the new age with meticulous documentation along the way. (see document)

Fri. May 11th, Tyler Trotter and Brendan McGee run into Bart Herre at the Barrett Bar and he tells them of a building his father had purchased and occupies for a workshop in Germantown. Knowing of Aron’s plans, Tyler and Brendan pick Aron up and they go to check out the building in the late hours of the night, where they meet up with Bart and meet a pleasantly inebriated Mr. Bill Christie, who lives in a trailer in the warehouse. Upon walking in the door of the building it’s immediately apparent that the large, empty half of the warehouse with side rooms, was going to be the place where something big would happen. (see empty warehouse video)

Mid-May, Bart Herre moves his belonging into an upstairs bedroom in the living space of warehouse, where he would live for the next 6 and a half years.

Wed. June 6th, Aron calls Bart to set up a meeting. Bart leaves for several days to return to Columbus to pack up his stuff to move back to Louisville. Aron leaves a note on the front door of the warehouse asking Bart to call and describing a vision of starting an artist community there.

Early June, Aron sits is his room at home with a number of dictionaries and thesauruses, and for a couple of hours brainstorms on name ideas for an arts organization. Louisville Association of Renaissance Vanguard Artisans, LARVA is among the dozens of virtuous and descriptive words. (see document)

Sun. June 10th, When Bart returns from Columbus, Aron hooks up with him to discuss renting the carpeted office in the living space for a studio. It is agreed that Aron needs to meet with Bart’s father Glenn, the Landlord and find out the details of renting the space.

Thurs. June 21st, Early afternoon, Aron meets with Jim Grubola to see if UofL will donate the unused and rusting foundry and blacksmithing equipment that is sitting at the sculpture studio to the project. Answer: No. 4:00 Aron meets with Glenn and Bart about renting the office space. Glenn wants $400 a month for the entire living area, between Aron and Bart. Aron is not to live there because the building is not zoned residential, but within a month Aron “unofficially” moves in and lives there.

Tues. June 26th, Aron meets with the Landlord, Glenn in his studio at the warehouse to discuss use of the empty, larger space just outside the office he is currently renting. A price of $1450 is agreed upon for the entire half of the building. $1,050 for the warehouse space and $400 for the two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a workshop and an empty, dirty room upstairs. Glenn had been considering renting the space out as a taxi parking or some other type of rental space.

Late June, Aron and Bart scrap together a large sum of money to pay for the first month of rental of the new space.

Late June, Aron, Bart and Thomas meet in Aron’s Room, and using the Louisville Association of Vanguard Artisans, worked out preliminary ideas for a LAVA logo. The trio come up with a simple LAVA emblem that incorporates the letters L, A, V, & A into the Louisville fleur-de-lis. Later a couple of times it is stylized and redesigned by Aron. (see documents)

Late June/July, Aron and Bart post fliers around Louisville advertising rental spaces and the new organization, Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Art. (see document)

Late June/July, Bart states that he does not like the word ‘Artisan’, so the name is changed to use the word ‘Art’ instead. Aron says he doesn’t like the word ‘Association’, so the name is also immediately changed to ‘Assembly’.

Tues. July 3rd, Meeting with Aron, Bart, Thomas 11:00 PM

Wed July 4th, Independents’ Day – LAVA House Party – the official Day of Birth for the ‘Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Art’

Wed. July 11th, Meeting Aron, Bart & Thomas

Fri. July 13th, Opening of Zephyr Gallery Photography Show on Market St. for Louisville’s Photo Biennial, Aron has work in this show (see documents)

Mon. July 16th, Landlord Glenn Herre returned from Boy Scout Troop 4 Trip to New Mexico. Remaining July Rent of $1,000 due - Paid by Bart and Aron

Mid-July, Meeting called by Aron and Bart. Invitation extended to Thomas Brown, Dave Fry, Matt Weir to rent studio space in the warehouse. Dave and Thomas do rent. Artists are asked what they would like out of a studio space and surveyed on ther interest in an arts organization. (see document)

Mid-July, Thomas, Aron, and Bart use machetes to cut the overgrown backyard for $800 for first time – never get paid for the work. (see video)

Mon. July 23rd, Aron meets with Thomas at LAVA House

Wed. July 25th, Bart’s Studio 2000 Exhibition 1:00-7:00PM @ Slugger Field Mon. Aug. 6th, Aron has a 1:00 meeting w/ Bryan Byrd @ LAVA House re: rental space

Mon. Aug. 27th, Bart leaves for France to visit brother after completing a sculpture called ‘Abundance of Strength’ for the upcoming Hangar Show. Later it is hung by Aron and Bart from LAVA House ceiling. Aron climbs through rafters and attaches wires as Bart lifts with pulleys (see document)

Sat. Sept. 1st, LAVA Rent Due

Sun. Sept. 8th, 4:00PM Meeting at Cardinal Wings Hangar, Bowman Field for Art show. Aron, Bart, Thomas, Matt W. show work. (see document)

Tues. September 11th, Everything in the World changes

Sat. Sept. 17th – 21st, Aron puts photographs on crucifix frame (17th), gets part of police car (18th), put large revolutionary quotes on blueprints (19th), assisted by Rachel Allen begins work on a large Statue of Liberty (20th and 21st) (see document) Thurs. Sept. 20th, Bart Returns from France

Fri. Sept. 21st, Installation of Hangar Show

Sat. Sept. 22nd, (Autumnal Equinox) Cardinal Wings Airplane Hangar Art Show at Bowman Field Airport 6:00-10:00PM, Music: the Rachel’s, (organized by Skylar Smith) (see document)

Hangar Show-September 11 Synchronicities:
Before leaving for France in late August Bart completes ‘Abundance of Strength’ a piece that resembles the form of an upside down roof built of aluminum building siding with windows on each end and a light on the inside. On one side is painted a large American Flag and on the other, an enlarged military emblem with a large, ominous bomb and the words ‘Abundance of Strength’. It is an irony that such a work is created just 2 weeks before the WTC and pentagon were destroyed on 9/11/01.

Thomas Brown creates a pair of human figures that are holding hands and appear to be in freefall as they spun in the air, again unintentionally mimicking a scene repeatedly shown on the news after Sept. 11, when a couple jump to their death from the skyscraper. The piece was conceptualized and in progress before the event. (see document)

Aron builds a 25-foot Statue of Liberty out of aluminum building conduit he finds in a dumpster, based on a concept from an illustration he had done several days prior to 9/11, where the Statue of Liberty was drawn holding a Molotov cocktail (see document). The installation also includes a quarter of a police cruiser with the words “EMERGENCY 911” emblazoned on the side, which Aron finds at Brown Brothers Cadillac just days before the “tragedy”. It rests leaning on the ground in front of a 24’x16’ wall hanging of revolutionary quotes painted in tar and deep maroon oil-based house paint on a quilt of dozens of building blueprints, all gathered before the attacks. Two encyclopedias found in someone’s trash just 1/2 hour after the second building fell had been picked from a pile and opened randomly to the words ‘Airplane’ and ‘Afghanistan’ in the first “A” book and ‘Arabia’ and ‘Army’ entries in the second “A” volume. They hang in the installation from the ceiling of the hangar with rivets driven through these 4 specific entries. To top it all off, a painting of Manhattan found in the same junk-pick-up- day pile that same morning hangs suspended in the air.
Before 9/11 the plan was already to have a large crucifix with torn pictures of Christ hanging with a surveillance camera attached to a monitor recording the viewer as they entered the space and showing them they were being watched(see document).

Sun. Sept. 23rd, Outdoor Music, Art, and Activism Carnival at Central Park, 1:00-6:00. Aron shows political artwork. The following year, this event would be known as ‘AlterNation’. (organized by Aleve Douglas)

Mon. Oct. 1st, Aron, Bart and Bob Nevin go to the robotics company Bob works at and pick up a dozen surplus cubicle dividers, which are used throughout the LAVA House as dividers for spaces.
*October Rent Due
*LAVA Meeting with Eric Clark and the Squallis Puppeteers, who are both renting space in October. (see documentation)

Sat. Oct. 6th, LAVA Meeting 12:00 Noon

Fri. Oct. 26th, Multiple Extension Cords, Flood Lights and Color Lights bought for Halloween Show. Strobe lights borrowed and the warehouse is decorated by Aron, Bart and Dave Fry. Aron puts large paper onto walls around upper stage for a large video projection. (video)

Sat. Oct 27th, ‘All Hallow’s Eve’, First Annual LAVA Halloween Party, Music: Joe Manning, the Humongous, Seluah, Clark, Dj Bill McDonough, School, City of Ghosts and others (see video)

Sat. Nov 17th, Scorpio Fest III: King Kong and DJ Bill McDonough

Tues. Nov. 27th Aron and Bart go to Bedford, Indiana with Mike Ratterman to pick up free scrap limestone from a quarry

Fri. Dec. 7th, Rock-it, MC Mike Henry party (see video)

Mon. Dec. 31st, New Year’s Eve – Dangerous combination of rowdy skaters, drinks, pranksters and drugs in the Red Room (living room). Bart’s room is covered in inches of champagne/cinnamon honey buns and other baked goods smeared by dancing, and spilled drinks. Aron’s BFA documentary photographs are splashed and stained with champagne. A large Louisville flag is stolen, taken to San Francisco, and returned quickly when friends make sure to right the wrong.(see document)

2002 –

Wed. Jan 2nd, Mop kitchen, Red Room and Bathroom after raging New Years Party

Sat. Jan. 5th, Bart and Aron go to Columbus to visit Bart’s friends and check out a show at the Blue Cube, a gallery his friend had recently opened up. They also visit an alternative space outside of Columbus that had been pulled together by a group of renegade artists similar to the LAVA.

Mon. Jan. 14th, Wes’ kiln is moved into LAVA House

Sun. Jan. 30th, Artist Meeting

Fri. Feb. 1st, LAVA Rent Due

Fri. Feb. 15th Aron meets with Josh Mather, Joe Ceidt, Chad Hayes and Dan Penrod about shooting What’s the Mather?, Josh’s public access show at the LAVA House

Tues. Feb. 19th, LAVA web information is written at Josh’s house and posted on his website (see document)

Mon. Feb. 25th, Jamie Miller, Director of the BRYCC House, visits the LAVA House to see about loaning/storing some things as their organization finds a new place to move to and rebuild.

Tues. Feb. 26th, Fred Digiovanni comes to the LAVA House regarding an art space tour he is organizing

Fri. March 1st, LAVA Rent Due

Sat. March 2nd, Aron, Chad Hayes and Josh Mather go to UofL with a trailer attached to the back of Aron’s Volvo. Using Angle Grinders they remove bolts to dismantle the old bleachers that are to be scrapped by UofL. The steel frames and aluminum planked seats are rebuilt on caster wheels at the LAVA House to create seating for the What’s the Mather? Show and other music events. There are two 9’ wide set of bleachers and one set of couch bleachers holding 3 large couches.

Tues. March 5th, Work continues. Aron, Josh and Chad build a stage for the show, which becomes the stage for all following shows at the LAVA House. Astroturf is salvaged from the trash as is all the wood for the stage and the stairwell up to the DJ booth, which Bart and Aron had built earlier (see video). Street signs are collected from Eagle Sign and Design to decorate the stage area. A bar on wheels is pulled from the trash and set up with a big umbrella in the center of it. (see video)

Mon. March 11th, A second rack for wood storage is built from bleacher frames in the backyard.

Tues. March 26th, Strike City, the Swords Project, Scaramongo- Aron projects random found slides during Strike City set (organized by Tyler Trotter)

Wed. March 13th, What’s the Mather? First 2 Episodes shot at LAVA House on newly built set, featuring the Sloth Bowl, Aron and Bart and the LAVA House, Music by Antennae Now, Matt Weir, Mr. Bill Christie as Dr. Yackinoff (see videos)

Thurs. Mar. 28th, 12:00am call from Amber Kingley to Aron to ask if 3 Icelanders, Tanya and Marlon Pollock and Ivar Orn could stay at the LAVA House. Answer: Yes. Lots of drugs, skateboarding in building and electronic music followed.

Sat. Mar. 30th, $3 Starkiller, the Bitter Pills, Ivar Orn, Anonymous Cops bust the show up and Starkiller stops early. (organized by Christian Tonegawa and Aron) (see video)

Early April, Another What’s the Mather? Episode shot at LAVA House with Icelanders. Artist Hallie Jones visits the LAVA House for the first time. (see video)

Mid-April, Aron welds aluminum ‘L’ ‘A’ ‘V’ ‘A’ letters at Eagle Sign and Design and paints them red. The same day Aron, Chad and Bart hang them up on the front of the LAVA House above the Red Room windows. (see photographs, video)

Tues. April 2nd, Mary Carothers Photography 4 class comes to visit the LAVA House to plan an upcoming photo show.

Wed. April 10th, Painting of bathroom floor, kitchen walls and cleaning up of back yard

Thurs. April 11th, Mary Carothers comes to the LAVA House with Jim and Liz Carter, Trapeze Artists who will be setting up a series of tents inside the LAVA House for the UofL photography show (see photographs)

April 12th -14th, Aron and Bart hang Bart’s “Abundance of Strength” sculpture from ceiling and place Aron’s quartered police car on catwalk, move Dave Fry’s belongings to a new space to use beam, seal darkroom, put grommets in screen, hang paper from Bob, fix Statute of Liberty,

Tues. April 23rd, Eyebolts, turnbuckles, and cable clamps purchased at Bargain Supply.

Wed. April 24th Jim Carter brings Aron and Bart a bunch of cable so that a vinyl billboard they found in the trash and are reusing can be hung from the catwalk, to be used as a screen for a video projection.

Thurs. April 25th, Aubrey Bernier-Smith visits LAVA House to see about organizing a show with her band, Half Seas Over and Dub Narcotic Sound System, Aron picks up art from Bucky’s Art Show

Sat. April 27th, UL Student Art League Show, Music: Green Formica Table, The Lost Cadillac. (organized by Mary Carothers) Guerrilla Performance Art in Warehouse behind LAVA House: Sharon Scott, Jason Willer and Carrie Burr break in and perform

Thurs. April 30th, Andy Cook visits to see about this band Scaramongo practicing at the LAVA House regularly + Lots of cleaning and Prep for Sat. June 1st Show

May, Hallie Jones joins the LAVA organization and offers to create a badly needed LAVA House website in exchange for 6 months of studio space.

Fri. May 3rd, Jimmy LeVann Bikes and Skaters Photos and Paintings, Strike City and the Murdered. (organized by Tyler Trotter)

Wed. May 8th -15th, Aron drives Icelanders to New York City to depart USA and visits Boston

Fri. May 17th, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Half Seas Over, Tara Jane O’ Neil, Da Hawney Troof, Snowsuit

Wed. April 29th, Joe Ceidt runs off multiple copies of ‘9/11 a Road to Tyranny’, a film Aron received from. It was distributed and shown widely at the LAVA House as it was the first 9/11 conspiracy film and provoked plenty of paranoid activity and behavior.

June – First LAVA website is developed and beta version is posted by Hallie Jones

Sat. June 1st, Cheer Accident, Parlour, Arch (organized by Tyler Trotter and Aron Conaway Tickets: Bart and Aron)

Mon. June 3rd, Chad Hayes gets bus and brings it to the LAVA House to be converted to bio-diesel and to burn veggie oil.

Wed. June 5th, Hallie Jones comes to the LAVA House to look at space and discuss the LAVA website she is creating

Wed. June 12th, Patrick Volpers comes to look at crane at LAVA House to see if he can get it to work

Fri. June 14th, Aron and Hallie paint sealant on the walls of the concrete darkroom, in the back of the space.

Tues. June 11th, Meeting at First Unitarian Church 6:00 for Central Park Art, Music Activism Show. All following meetings take place at the LAVA House. (organized by Aleve Douglass)

Mon. June 17th, Work Day, mow LAVA House lawn, work on LAVA binder, LAVA organizational meeting with Hallie regarding website, roles and responsibilities are delegated. Reference Large Website Diagram on Wallpaper (see video, photograph)

Wed. June 19th, Meeting regarding Art at the Well of Spirits, a new bar on Bardstown Road across from Mid-City Mall. It is agreed that Aron and Bart will be the curators for the restaurant walls in exchange for beer and food credit. Former-LAVA House studio artist tenant, Eric Clark makes the business’ sign out of copper and steel at the Smithy on Oak St.

Thurs. June 20th, Twin Brothers Aaron and Daniel come to the LAVA House to discuss doing a show on Sept. 11th at the Warehouse. A show is never organized.

Mon. June 24th, Work in LAVA Darkroom

Wed. June 26th, Hallie and Aron work on an Independents’ Day: One Year Anniversary flyer design for 4th of July Party. Thurs. June 27th, Aron and Bart hang work at the Well of Spirits

Thurs. June 28th, Kristin Shelor is volunteering with BRYCC House and calls LAVA House in search of studio studio space and BRYCC House goes into storage and makes arrangements for LAVA to receive stage components

Tues. July 2nd, Work Day, mow LAVA lawn, Chad, Bart & Aron pick up Brick House sound booth + about (10) 4’ X 8’ stage pieces that were later used for walls and dividers for various artists and used as surfaces for aerosol can artwork, Kristin, of the BRYCC House meets and assists in loading and transporting BRYCC House Stage components; picked up canopy tent from Dave Fry for Fourth of July Party, DJs; rewrite of LAVA Manifesto; make flyer for July 19th; party preparation underway.

Thurs. July 4th, LAVA House 1-Year Anniversary, Music: Elecrolytes, Fluxtron, Sapat, Tim Conaway, Jon Cook, DJs Foursquare, Strangeloop, Logicide, Mint, Tig, Cosmic (see video)

Fri. July 5th, Half Seas Over, An Albatross, Gravy Train, DJ Hawny Troof

Tues. July 5th, Experimental Music Rock Out (hear recording)

Thurs. July 11th, Work on darkroom and workshop

Fri. July 12th, Oops the Tour, The Locust, Arab on Radar, Erase Errata, Lightning Bolt, Flying Luttenbachers, Combat Wounded Veteran (see video, photographs)

Tues. July 16th, Meeting for a September show

Fri. July 19th, After-Party for Starkiller, Strike City, Halifax Pier, Contra Show at Headliners - Dub Band: Mr. Romance and the Polyphonic Force later known as the Children play the LAVA House. Will Oldham present and later expresses interest in having show at LH. Kristin was there and helped.

Mon. July 22nd, Bart begins working with Kristin to disassemble and store all work by her father as well as move her belongings into storage

Wed. July 24th, Kristin and Bart begin application and proposal process for mural with Studio 2000 for Metro Louisville Children's Crime Unit Foyer.

Sat. July 27th, Cinemanonomous Films 16mm Films, 15 Filmmakers, +Heartbreak Cowboy Traveling Roadshow, Your Heart Breaks (Organized by Ryan Daly- color flier, Aron Conaway- b/w flier) (See Look Gallery Guide for photo of Heartbreak Roadshow w/ flaming hoola hoop and banjo)

Wed. July 31st, Dianogah, Instant Camera, Second Story Man, The Others. (organized Neil Dey)

Thurs. Aug. 1st, Art for the Animals benefit art show and auction, Aron, Bart and Kristin donate art to Fundraiser (see details of Kristin’s "Skin Deep" and a clock made by her father)

Sat. Aug. 3rd, Aron and Chad leave a note for Bart asking him if he wants to do a show with Dylan Smithers on August 31st, Kristin begins first work in association with LAVA which becomes an assemblage piece called 'Dark Matters' (see detail)

Mon. Aug 5th-21st, One or two weeks after they start dating, Aron and Hallie take a road trip and drive to California searching out other alternative spaces along the way

Mon. August 5th, Kristin takes up temporary quarters in LAVA House until new home is ready

Tues. August 6th, Bart and Kristin are approved as Artist/Assistant Artist for Studio 2000 mural

Wed. August 7th, Bart and Kristin develop curriculum for Student Artists and begin design process dialogues

Wed. August 14th, Kristin holds Earth Mama's Dance Troupe meeting in Courtyard... Troupe decides that the space is an unsafe environment for kids and bare feet

Tues. Aug. 20th, Aleve Douglas leaves a note for LAVA asking permission to make and store art at the warehouse in preparation for AlterNation (Aron had previously agreed but Aleve could not get a hold of him because he was out of town) (see document)

Mon. Aug. 26th Aron talks to Will Oldham about show at LAVA House, Dark String March practices at the LAVA House

Tues. Aug. 27th, Meeting with Will Oldham about upcoming show

Thurs. Aug. 29th, Meeting at LAVA House for AlterNation 6:00pm; Kristen begins outreach in non-profit network

Fri. Aug 30th LAVA House meeting

Sat. Aug. 31st, Just for Kids, 32 Frames, The Novas, Scarlet Autumn, Kathleen Barbera

Fri. Sept. 6th, Kodan Armada, Emmanuel Nice, Scarlet Autumn, Haywire Act (organized by Dylan Smither, flier Angry Blue)

Tues. Sept. 10th, Baxter Station, Aron, Kristin and Bart are invited to a VAN meeting, Visual Arts Network (organization of Louisville’s Art Galleries) to discuss a new name for the VAN organization. LAVA is confronted with the proposition of sharing the name LAVA (Louisville Area Visual Arts in their case). After some consideration the LAVA House reports back that it is not in our best interest to share the name. Later problems surfaced surrounding this dialogue.

Sept. 15th, AlterNation meeting at LAVA House 3:00

Sept. 19th, Flyer designed for the Will Oldham Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy/ Faun Fables, Dark String March show (see document)

Sun. Sept. 22nd, AlterNation meeting at LAVA House 3:00

Sat. Sept. 28th, Talk of doing a Student Art League Show on this day. Date moved…

Wed Oct. 2nd, Bart and Kristin complete work with Studio 2002 and secure Installation

Fri. Oct. 4th, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Faun Fables and Dark String March, broken up by the police and moved to Mia Fredrick’s “Museum” on Washington Street (see video)

Sun. Oct. 6th, AlterNation meeting at LAVA House 3:00

Sat. Oct. 12th AlterNation – Louisville’s (first, original) Art, Music & Activism Festival - Central Park -- Music: Strike City, the Children, Zion and the Uprising, Heidi Howe, The Man with the Golden Means (Joe Manning), Contra, The Metropolitan Gospel Choir, The Lady Foursquare, DJs Tease and Please, Dank One + 20 plus activist organizations + lots of volunteers, Emcee – Kristin Shelor, Electronic music organized by Hallie, Art and stage direction organized by Aron (Festival Chair: Aleve Douglas), (see document, video, photography)

Fri. Oct. 18th, LAVA receives a letter from Erin Devine, sent on behalf of VAN, informing the organization of a plan to implement the name LAVA, replacing VAN, despite previous discussion to the contrary.

Sat. Oct. 19th, Art Across the Line, UofL Student Art League Show- Music by: Lullatone, The Old Reliable Fashion Design: Tiffany Hargis (organized by: Catherine Valentine)

Mon. Oct. 21st, Members of the Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Art, LAVA, meet democratically to discuss the topic of VAN usage of the acronym L.A.V.A. for Louisville Area Visual Arts. A letter is drafted, stylized in envelopes and delivered by Aron and Hallie to all member galleries of VAN to inform them that LAVA is having an adverse reaction to this development (see document)

Sat. Oct. 31st, The Cars, Nirvana, Iggy and the Stooges Cover Bands for 2nd Annual LAVA Halloween Party (see flier and video)

Sun. Nov. 26th, Kristin begins work on backdrop for The Children in preparation for Sun Ra Arkestra Event

Sun. Dec. 23rd, Kristin begins Leadership Legacy Mural design programming for ‘Arts Meets Activism’ Summer Camp

Tues. Dec. 31st, New Year’s Eve Bash- Trans Am, Instant Camera, Irina + DJ Tease and Friends + Video by Shoot the Messenger (organized & flier by Neil Dey) 500 in attendance. (see video)

2003 -

Wed. Jan. 1st, Clean up for New Years Party

Mon. Jan. 6th, LAVA meeting, major planning for 2/14 show, DC protest trip (see minutes)

Jan. 8th, Meeting for trip to DC at Za’s Pizza

Sat. Jan. 9th, Aron meets with Gary from Tony Boombozz to receive ad info and design materials - Boombozz sponsors LAVA in LOOK Gallery Guide.

Sat Jan. 11th, Boombozz ad is completed by Aron

Mon. Jan. 13th, LAVA Meeting

Wed. Jan. 15th,LAVA ad is designed for Look Gallery Guide and money is picked up for Gallery Guide sponsorship

Mid-Jan – Aron receives note and meets with Jeanette McDermott about curating a “Destruction of Nature” LAVA Show at the Kentucky Theater

Fri. Jan. 17th – 20th Anti-War March on Jan 19th in Washington, DC org. A.N.S.W.E.R. LAVA members Marissa, Chad, Bart, Kristin, Hallie, Aron and others attend

Fri. Jan. 24th, Aron scans LAVA heart logo for Tyler Trotter for Valentines Day fliers

Sun. Jan. 26th, Shannon Casts Hallie and Aron for a school project; Show set for A Set, Post- Prom Disorder, Your Black Star (organized by Chad) never happened

Fri. Feb 14th, “Love and War” Art Show, “A Whole LAVA Love” Sapat, Frequency Being Fringe Medicine, The Children and DJs Laylow and Jerk It (Bart Herre’s Birthday) (organized by LAVA)

Tues. Feb. 18th, LAVA Meeting

Wed. Feb. 19th, Hallie drafts “Thank You” letter: Brown Bag for Valentines Party food donation

Thurs. Feb 20th Kristin begins researching details for 'Yihla Moja' Death Rattle in response to Destruction of Nature (details)

Tues. Feb. 25th, LAVA meeting cancelled

Wed. Feb. 26th, Aron turns in Boombozz ad for LOOK Gallery Guide

Mon. March 3rd, Aron contacts Erin DeVine about LAVA participation in Photo Invitational

Fri. March 7th, LAVA meeting

Thurs. March 10th, Aron makes flyer for Destruction of Nature show

Tues. March 11th, Aron begins moving out of living space in LAVA House to move to Frankfort Ave. w/ Hallie, Thalon Hubbell moves into LAVA bedroom

Thurs. March 13th, LAVA meeting with SKL (Spiritual Krack Labratories, Jason Clark)

Sun. March 17th, Artists drop off all artwork to Kentucky Theater for “Destruction of Nature” Show

Tues. March 18th, Meeting with Jason Clark re: Fri. Show

Fri. March 21st, SKL and PRDF (People’s Republic of Delicious Food, performance art) at the LAVA House

Fri. March 28th, Manual High School Photo Show + Aron Conaway’s birthday

Tues. April 15th, Art show is hung at Kentucky Theater

Fri. April 18th, Opening for “Destruction of Nature: Beauty vs. the Beast” Art show at Kentucky Theater

Fri. April 25th, Mercury Program, Instant Camera, Paper Lions

Wed. May 13th AC meets w/ Erin DeVine for videotaping for her Performance piece at the LAVA House on June 13th

Tues. May 27th, Kerri Coates writes letter to LAVA re: doing shows at the Comedy Caravan

Fri. June 6th, Pick up LAVA Art from Kentucky Theater, Work on LAVA Website

Fri June 13th, Erin DeVine Performance Art Star(ved) at (benefit for) LAVA House

Wed. June 18th, Brenna Geary makes status report for LAVA

Fri. June 27, Louisville Photo Biennial Show at LAVA House

July - October 2003, Aron and Hallie take a back seat in the LAVA organization to focus on other projects and take a break from the warehouse extra-curricular activities

Fri. July 4th, LAVA 2nd Birthday Party

Fri. July 18th, Spontaneously Decided Subversive Behavior SDSB (a side project of some LAVA artists) short film shown at Kentucky Theater

Thurs. July 17th, the “LAVA House Art Project” (new entity) and The Comedy Caravan Bootleg Music Series : Ron Whitehead & the Hillbilly Viking Apocalypse Revue, Chuck Roy and the New Family Comedy Experiment + Allo

Sun. July 20th “LAVA House Art Project” Meeting at Willie Tash’s house

Wed. July 23rd, Meeting for “LAVA House Art Project”

Thurs. July 24th the LAVA House Art Project and The Comedy Caravan Bootleg Music Series: Humongous, Big Kitchen

Thurs. July 31st, the LAVA House Art Project and The Comedy Caravan Bootleg Music Series: Nu Afikikoid Quartet, Serpent Wisdom and host Jesse Meyers of the Squallis Puppeteers

Sun. August 3rd, “The LAVA House Art Project” Meeting 12:30-2:30

Thurs. Aug. 7th, the “LAVA House Art Project”and The Comedy Caravan Bootleg Music Series : The Summer Life, Jeremy Johnson and JK McKnight

Fri./ Sat. August 8th- 9th, SDSB works in pre-production for a new film project

Wed. Aug. 13th, “The LAVA House Art Project” plan to have shows every 1st and 3rd weeks of the month.

Fri./ Sat./ Sun. August 15th-17th SDSB Working on Production of Film

Thurs. August 21st, “The LAVA House Art Project” meeting – Planning show @ Comedy Caravan for Eddie and the Fuck Monkies w/ Slacker

Fri./ Sat./ Sun. August 22nd – 24th, SDSB Post-Production.

Aug 27th, Semi-meeting - planning for Comedy Caravan

Mon. Sept 1st Kristin and Chad install their assemblage works at Nancy's Bagels on Frankfort Avenue (details)

Wed. Sept. 17th, “LAVA House Art Project” meeting - talk about computer lab and new website (see meeting notes)

Wed. Sept. 24th, “LAVA House Art Project” meeting – Plan for Libra Party and Student Art League Show @ Shannon’s – band Elliot is looking for venue for last show ever (did not happen at LAVA)

Fri. Sept. 26th, Blue Goat War, The Shooting Gallery, Autonomedia, Gatewood – Benefit for Gatewood Galbraith moves from LAVA House to Comedy Caravan; Inigmata Entropy Reception Cancelled

Fri. / Sat./ Sun. Oct. 3rd – 5th, LAVA Art in the Garden at Shannon Stelzer’s House in Victoria Gardens

Fri. Oct. 31st 3rd Annual LAVA Halloween Party-- Musique for Europeans, Shag Rock, Anallog Roxey Music, T Rex, Nirvana cover bands, Video Projection by Shoot the Messenger (Hallie and Aron), Nazi Paul drops hammer from crane during Halloween Party and gets kicked out, also drops sledge hammer on Aron’s foot at very end of night.

Nov. Chad Hayes takes out loan to purchase house across from Lava and then rents it to Scott Belcher and Cassadra Barnes

Wed. Nov. 5th LAVA Meeting

Wed. Nov. 12th LAVA Meeting

Wed. Nov. 19th LAVA Meeting and dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory 6:30 then to Actor’s Theater for free show Amadeus

Wed. Nov. 26th LAVA Meeting

Sun. Dec. 7th, LAVA and movie showing “Uncovered: The Truth about the Iraq War” at the Kentucky Theater 8:30PM

Wed. Dec. 10th, LAVA Meeting - Inclusion of Hallie and Aron on LAVA new board of directors

Wed. Dec. 17th LAVA Meeting 8:00

Fri. Dec. 19th LAVA X-mas Party 8:00

Wed. Dec 31st, Brett attends LAVA House party and discovers Safe in the Red Room

2004 –

Aerie rents space for specific commission of 'Bed Sculpture'

Mon. Jan. 12th, First Meeting and Practice for band Vaginal Ashtray and the Hate Basement at LAVA House

Wed. Jan. 14th, LAVA meeting

Wed. Jan. 21st, LAVA Meeting 8:00

Wed. Jan 28th, LAVA Meeting 7:30 Organizational Committee Regular Meeting 9:30

Mon. Feb. 2nd, Aron and Bart meet downtown to discuss the DBA form – 2nd time

Tues. Feb. 3rd, Work on K-PAN Grant for LAVA

Wed. Feb. 4th LAVA meeting 8:00

Fri. Feb. 6th LAVA artist Hallie Jones video showing in basement of Swanson-Reed Contemporary Gallery

Wed. Feb. 11th, LAVA Meeting 8:00

Fri. Feb. 20th, Aron Conaway and Hallie Jones ‘As the World Turns’ installation show opening at Swanson Reed Contemporary Gallery

Sat. Feb. 21st, Meeting at the LAVA House with Judi Jennings

Sun. Feb. 22nd, Space Committee Meeting at LAVA 3:00 Jury Committee Meeting at Shannon’s w/ Dinner

Wed. Feb. 23rd, LAVA Meeting 8:30 Committee Chairs report

Sat. Feb. 28th, LAVA Scanning Party of Flyers, Art, Photos + Planning for Spring Show

Wed. Mar. 3rd, LAVA Meeting

Thurs. Mar. 4th, Aron and Bart meet at Republic Bank to set up Bank Account for LAVA Organization.

Sun. Mar. 7th, LAVA Space Committee meeting to clean the LAVA House

Wed. Mar. 10th, LAVA Meeting, 9:00

Wed. Mar. 17th, LAVA Meeting, Talk about C-PACC and Grievances

Mon. Mar. 22nd, Chad Hayes speaks about Bio-Diesel and Sustainable Energy at 4PM Tent City ’04 Event (March 22-26) on University of Louisville S.A.C. Lawn

Wed. Mar. 24th, LAVA Meeting, 8:30 Proposals for Spring Show Due

Wed. Mar. 31st, LAVA Meeting

Fri. April 2nd, During First Friday Gallery Hop, Art by Greg, Shannon and Aron Displayed at Oscar Brown’s, curated by Shannon, Video Projected at Bike Depot by Aron

Wed. April 14th, Gallopalooza Horse Preview Party (Bart Herre 2 horses, Shannon and Greg w/ SAL 2 horses, Aron and Hallie 1 horse)

Thurs. April 15th, JCC Unity Arts Festival, “Crossing Borders, Crossing Cultures” Hallie and Aron set up an installation and a booth for LAVA. Bart later comes and works the table for a while.

Sat. April 17th, Kristin rents space in LAVA House and begins installation for Art For Evolution Exhibit

Sun. April 18th, LAVA Meeting, Discuss people hanging around and distracting the creative process, some people were asked to leave organization as they were not renters or artists, yet were throwing in their two cents about LAVA activities.

Mon. April 19th, LAVA Meeting re: Space and Setup for Sat. Show

Wed. April 21st, LAVA Meeting

Sat. April 24th, Art For Evolution LAVA House Art Show, Music: am Sunday

Fri. May 2nd, Birthday Party for Shannon Stelzer, Kristen Garness and Bill Storms – Music: Waterproof Blonde, Evolucion, DJs Mischief and Honky Klown

Wed. May 5th, LAVA Meeting

Wed, May 12th LAVA Meeting

Fri. May 14th, ‘Art that Strikes You’, UofL Student Art League, Brown School, KCD, Music: Manchuria

Wed. May 19th, LAVA Meeting

May, Willie Tash moves in to rent space

Wed. June 2nd, LAVA Meeting, Pavane artists’ social event at LAVA House

Wed. June 9th, LAVA Meeting

Wed. June 16th, Aron meets with Roea Wallace about having the Pavane social event at the LAVA House and setting up a projector and screen to show a film from the 80’s she had a part in creating in Philadelphia; LAVA meeting 8:00

Sat. June 19th, Pavane Artist Social Event at the LAVA House 8:00

Tues. June 22nd, Michael Moore call with

Wed. June 23rd, LAVA meeting, JK and Forecastle focusing LAVA to be active and organize art, various artists are asked to assume positions of responsibility; Kristin is asked to assume responsibilities for Emcee role at Forecastle by contacting bands for details

Sat. June 26th , Photography of Artwork for Website etc. at LAVA House

Sat. July 3rd, Meeting with Keisha from Democratic Party about a Benefit for Tony Miller for Congress

Sun. July 4th, Independents’ Day: 3-Year Anniversary Party at the LAVA House

Wed. July 7th, LAVA Meeting + Film Committee

Sat. July 10th, Run through for the Forecastle Festival - LAVA in charge of Art @ Tyler Park

Wed. July 14th, LAVA Meeting

Fri. July 16th, Preparation for Forecastle, some setup, LAVA House organization designs 150 stenciled tickets to sell for the after-party

Sat. July 17th, Forecastle Arts, Music, Activism Festival, Tyler Park, Forecastle After-Party - LAVA House

Sun. July 18th, showing of Outfoxed at the LAVA House

Wed. July 28th, LAVA Meeting 7:00

Sat. July 24th, Tony Miller for Congress benefit show, the Children, the Gage Brothers, Slam Poetry, DJs. - moved from LAVA House to Michael Murphy’s Bar due to Fire Marshal intervention

Thurs. July 29th, August 20th, Aron, Hallie and Greg leave to drive to Vancouver for road trip vacation and to scout out similar organizations to the LAVA House. Broken down and stranded in a trailer park in Logan, Utah, Aron and Hallie work out a new mission statement, a broad view and a presentation for LAVA’s marketing and other organizational purposes. A slide show is worked out and prepared for going out into the community.

July 31st, August 7th Kristin exhibits 'Myth of Sysphis' in Women of Wisdom Exhibit and sells work to raise funds for Project Women

Wed. Aug. 25th, LAVA Meeting

Sun. Aug 29th, Meeting between Aron and LAVA artist Michelle Glasnovic re: LAVA House’s new website

Tues. Aug 30th, Thalon having just moved out of his room, Aron and Hallie move into Aron’s old bedroom at the LAVA House for the month of September.

Wed. Sept. 1st, LAVA Meeting

Tues. Sept. 7th, LAVA organization attends Portland Now Neighborhood Association meeting. Discussion of LAVA Halloween show taking place in Portland Festival Building.

Wed. Sept. 8th, LAVA Meeting, Planning for Halloween Show, Aron begins contacting bands for Cover band show

Wed. Sept. 15th LAVA Meeting

Thurs. Sept 18th, Kristin designs flyers for 'Art in the Garden' Exhibit for St. James Festival (see details)

Wed. Sept. 22nd, LAVA Meeting

Wed. Sept. 29th, LAVA Meeting at Shannon’s 9:00

Oct. Hallie and Aron rent house 4 doors from the LAVA House 941 Shelby Pkwy

Fri. / Sat./ Sun. Oct. 1st – 3rd, LAVA “Art in the Garden” at Shannon Stelzer’s House, Kristin exhibits at St. James Unfair autonomously from LAVA House and Brick House; Chad Balster moved into Bedroom at LAVA House and rents studio space

Sun. Oct. 3rd, LAVA artists Aron, Hallie and Bart + Chad Balster and Kristin (who exhibit 'Self Determinations') all have work in Round One Political Arts Show at Glassworks

Wed. Oct. 6th, LAVA Meeting

Sun. Oct. 10th, LAVA members show up to the church on 34th and Northwestern in Portland Neighborhood to clean up a tremendous mess left by a previous Halloween tenant, Domain Renewal for and purchased

Wed. Oct. 13th, LAVA Meeting, Velocity Press Release for Halloween Show

Mon. Oct. 18th, Fliers for LAVA Halloween Party printed at Copy Connection, Mass Promotion, Sign hung at LAVA House; reminder to come help clean on Thurs.

Wed. Oct. 20th, LAVA Meeting

Thurs. Oct. 21st, Meeting at Church in Portland and Decorating

Fri. Oct. 22nd. Print more fliers and promote at WFPK and especially to Kim Sorise

Wed. Oct. 27th, LAVA Meeting

Thurs. Oct. 28th, Portland to work

Fri. 29th, Doo Wop for Rental, Set up of PA etc. (sound: Tyler Trotter)

Sat. Oct. 30th, 3 Annual LAVA House Halloween Party, Music covers of the Who, Nirvana, Joan Jett and Eminem +Badass 80’s 600 in attendance, $2,700 at the Door, Bands paid, Portland Festival paid, LAVA paid

Sun, Oct. 31st, Clean up at Church by some of LAVA’s members; Kristin installs 12 foot high 'Dia De Los Muertos' sculpture with help of Chad Balster

Fri. Dec. 31 Hallie and Aron throw a New Year’s Eve show at the Portland Festival Building, Music: King Kong, the Children and Kit Chaps Brett moves into LAVA House and begins to decorate safe with his artwork


Mon. Jan. 10th, Aron borrows Bart’s truck to pick up film dryer at St. Francis High for LAVA

Sat. Jan. 15th, Aron begins work on Ear X-tacy ad for Look Gallery Guide, LAVA is sponsored by John Timmons and Ear X-tacy

Thurs. Jan. 20th, Round Two Political Art Show featuring some LAVA artists

Wed. Feb. 2nd, LAVA Workshop w/ Potluck

Thur. Feb 10th, Faun Fables, Joe Manning, the Charmers at Portland Church, (the Church is somewhat affiliated with LAVA in some visitors minds, however all shows listed in Portland from here on out are hosted and worked by Hallie and Aron)

Fri. Feb. 11th, Hallie and Aron perform in the LIVE Performance Series at the LVAA’s Water Tower Gallery with their installation One Nation Under God: Operation\ Whitewash and participate in a panel discussion afterwards

Wed. Feb. 16th, LAVA meeting 8:00

Wed. Feb. 23rd, LAVA meeting

Wed. Mar. 2nd, LAVA meeting, Look! Image from Spring Show, Keep Louisville Weird meeting

Wed. Mar. 9th, LAVA meeting

Wed. Mar. 16th, LAVA meeting, Fix website – Update with Portland Events

Mon. Mar. 28th, LAVA members Hallie and Aron purchase house at 941 Shelby Parkway, 4 houses from the LAVA House

Wed. Mar. 30th, No Neck Blues Band, Sapat, Parlour @ Portland Church (organized by Kriss Alplanalp)

April Kristin begins rebuild of display cabinet to display Creative Minds Union Items from Harry L. Shelor Jr.s collection

Fri. April 1st, Hallie throws a big ass surprise party for Aron at new house, all of LAVA and other friends in\attendance

Wed. April 6th, LAVA Meeting

Wed. April, 13th, LAVA Meeting

Tues. April 19th Faun Fables and Lucky Pineapple at Portland Church

Sat. April 23rd, Thunder Over Portland, Dead Meadow, Jennifer Gentle, The Children, the Meredith’s, the Photographic@ the Church

Wed. April 27th, Will Oldham, Sir Richard Bishop, The Cherry Blossoms @ the Church in Portland

May Chad Balster moves out of the LAVA House to move in with girlfriend

May-Sept. Kristin and Chad Hayes research Bio-Diesel funding/business options with Jason Smithson and others

Tues. May 10th, LAVA Meeting

Wed. May 11th, Aron attends a meeting at the Brick House for a Low-Power Radio Station

Wed. May 25th, Birthday Party for Bill “Dog Ass” Christie – Hallie bakes strawberry cake and put Absolut Vodka bottle in middle, Bill Cries (see photographs)

June – August, Kristin designs and builds Cantilevered shelving unit for massive bar/countertop transferred from Willies space

June, Kentucky Womens Art Collective is formed through including Rachel Salansky, Anna Collins, Kristin Shelor and others

Wed. June 1st, LAVA House Meeting, Discuss Projector Purchase

June Kentucky Womens Art Collective is formed through including Rachel Salansky, Anna Collins, Kristin Shelor and others

Sun. July 17th – September 26th, Several LAVA House members were looking to go in together and try to invest in a new building as a result of insecurity and no lease at the LAVA House. This was the beginning of a venture dubbed LIFT.45. Surveys were sent out, investors and artists were scouted out and an offer for a building on Preston and Hill streets was contingent on bank loan approval. The loan was not granted and so the project came to a screaming halt and hope was lost. Hallie and Aron then looked at a Masonic Hall in Portland, but got screwed over, so quit for a while.

Sept. Chad Hayes is featured on morning show for his work on Amphibious Bus with Mark?

Sat. Sept. 24th, Kino Louisville Film Showing at Church

Wed. Sept. 28th New Look! Gallery Guide Released w/ LAVA and ear X-tacy ads

Oct. – Chris Chappell, high school friend of Bart, who has been involved in a few shows at LAVA and held the place in high regards as a creative haven is glad to move into the lava house and rents a studio space.

Wed. Oct. 5th, Barbez at Church

Oct 5-8th, Kristin exhibits at St. James Unfair as Creative Minds Union with Father's works and also along wrought iron fence row

Mon. Oct. 17th is born, officially separating the site form Aron and Hallie’s non-LAVA adventures

Sat. Oct. 29th, 4th Annual Halloween Cover Band Show (No LAVA) Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Biz-arch, Panda-llac, Hazil Adkins, Djs Jeff the Chef, Laylow, Narwhol and Sneed

Fri. Nov. 4th, Scott Carney at Nelligan Hall, a building that Aron and Hallie invested into with several other partners. Nelligan Hall was an old North End Social Club, dating back to the 1930’s.

Sat. Nov. 12th, Hallie and Aron sit on panel at Mayor’s Neighborhood Summit and talk about students as activists, alternative spaces and LAVA

2006 –

Jan-Feb. Kristin collaborates with Shannon on Kentucky Foundation for Women grant to install a multi-media exhibit for BFA at University of Louisville

April, Finding it hard to stay productive during the winter Chris is able to produce his first painting series, now that warm weather has arrived (see video)

May, Lava House Artists exhibit at Butchertown Art Fair

Sat. May 11, LAVA artist Hallie Jones graduates form University of Louisville with Masters in Political Science

Sun. May 14, Faun Fables, Phantom Family Halo, Litany’s Last Call – Nelligan Hall

Jun 2006- with hopes of making some kind of video piece of the lava Chris Chappell films in and around the Lava (see video) June and July, Kristin organizes The Small But Weird Installation at Spalding University's Huff Gallery in partnership with KYWAC as a result of a grant from Kentucky Womens Foundation in the previous year to

July, Greg Martin moved out of LAVA House to attend Masters Degree Program at Pratt Institute in New York City

Thur. July 27, Aron meets with Ellen Crutcher and a woman named Patricia Miron, who says she wants to start an Artist-condo type of situation. Aron and Hallie continued to develop this idea with her for the next year up until Oct/ 2007, when a deal on a building goes south.

Aug. LAVA House Artists exhibit at the Loop

Thurs. Aug. 3rd, Late night socializing in the warehouse leads Stuart to write a poem with Joe while Scott continuously distracts Ricky Mason away from Kristin's studio space so she can finish her work for a deadline

Mon. Aug. 27, Hallie and Aron visit Hope Mills building on Swan and Kentucky Streets with glass artist, Jonathan Swanz. They decide to move many of their materials and tools out of their LAVA House Studios, leaving much at the LAVA in storage. It works out for a while, but they soon realize that there is a mold problem in the basement, where several artists are working and move everything.

Sept, After almost a year of living in the LAVA House Chris decides to move in with his girlfriend.

Oct. Kristin exhibits at St. James, Hallie-“Burnin’” (a video shot in the LAVA House), Aron-“Does the End Justify the Means”, and Kristin “Charhartted”-(found wood assemblage) exhibit individual works in Ignite Show at Glassworks (see details)

Colin Miller hosts photo party

Sat. Dec 16th, Hallie and Aron get married;


Brad Herre founds Chez Moi Gallery Kristin, Brad, Bart Glen and Chad Balster exhibit works at Chez Moi Gallery

Wed. Feb. 28th, Last month of rental at Hope Mills for AC and HJ. The Couple moved back to LAVA House and share the room that was once Aron’s studio.

July, Dress party thrown by Seed and Friends

Mid-August, Aron and Hallie tour the LAVA House with Liz Kramer (LEO, U R Here) with a video camera and tape recorder for an Odyssey of Louisville. They video tape and document the organization’s side of the building meticulously.

End of April. Hannah Cameron moves into the LAVA House

May/June Larry and Bill lived at LAVA

June 9th Funding for KYWAC activities 'Creativity's First Hand' at is funded

Beginning July Rick Mason is kicked out of LAVA House

Mid-July Seed moves in upstairs with Hellvus and Iggie his dogs He has lots of gatherings of friends

Oct. Radio Station broadcasts live from St. James Art Festival

Sept.15th, Carlos Flores Birthday

Scott Belcher works on Glens Van in exchange for space in building Stuart Barr moves in while his house is renovated

Nov/Dec 07. Larry and Bill Sovern from Evansville live at LAVA while working at Churchill Downs


Sat. Jan 26th, Chad Hayes birthday. Scott, Stuart and Chad arrive home to find LAVA engulfed in flames. Scott goes in to find Bill while Chad and Stuart attempt to extinguish the fire. Bart who was home with Hannah and when alarmed by Stuart and Chad, rescues Iggy from Seed’s Room. Seed’s other dog, Helviss passes in the fire. Bill suffers burns to his entire body and is pulled out of the fire by Scott Belcher, Stuart Barr and Chad Hayes.
*Tens of thousands of dollars in materials, tools, art + a community and dreams, burn up in the fire, leaving the LAVA artists without resources and the residents homeless and empty-handed.
Kristin and then Hallie and Aron visit the hospital and meet with Bill’s brother Robert.

Sun. Jan 27th, Bill Christie passes away at University Hospital around 11am. Hannah Cameron’s sister has a baby in the same hour as Bill’s death.
Several news stations are at the scene of the fire and interview numerous artists and neighbors about the fire and Bill. Hallie and Aron go in the evening to Days Inn to meet with Bart and Hannah, who lost everything in the fire, to find out what needs can be listed on the website for them. Firefighters spray the fallen building for 3 days.

Mon. Jan 28th, Aron and Hallie hammer out a website at in 11 hours. It was intended to thwart the need for victims of the fire to answer a million questions and keep all efforts coordinated and publicized.
Benefit show at 3rd St. Dive with Bu Hau Ting and Downtown Brown, an out of town band. A misunderstanding leads to a confusing situation.

Tues. Jan 29th, Aron creates a video of photos for Bill’s visitation at funeral home on Barrett and Ellison.

Wed. Jan. 30th, Artists and other tenants are allowed to go into the rubble and look for stuff. Bill’s visitation 4-8pm. Seed and Willie pull Helvis out of the rubble, leave him in the trunk of Bart’s burnt car.

Thurs. Jan 31st, 10:00 Funeral Procession for William Harrison Christie Jr. Funeral at Cave Hill Cemetery. Memorial lunch afterwards at Lisa’s Oak St. Lounge near the LAVA House. Nathan Salsburg plays “Tell Old Bill” to friends and family. LAVA members past and present and friends meet at Willie Tash’s house for dinner and congregating.

Fri. Feb 1st. Large Benefit Event at the Barrett Bar, for residents at the LAVA House. (organized by Bart’s best friends) Funds raised matched by Barrett Bar. Glassworks stated they would, but haven't paid to date

Sat. Feb 2nd- Funeral precession and pyre for Seed’s dog, Hullvus, in Henry County on Bob Nevin’s property. Derby City Roller Girls, Bout after-party at the Monkey Wrench- proceeds to the LAVA House.

Sun. Feb 3rd, 2:00pm LAVA Meeting at the Bristol Bar and Grill to discuss efforts, money and a future together. Aron gets pictures to Brittany Baker for a Photo Essay in the LEO.

Mon. Feb. 4th, Hallie and Aron meet with Brittany Baker and Stephen George to finalize layout and words for LEO story

Wed. Feb. 6th, LAVA Artists and LAVA House Pictures are cover story in the LEO, LAVA tenants have a meeting at the LVAA Water tower for planning, money discussion and a session with a conflict resolution person, Marci

Fri. Feb 8th, Pour Haus Vampire Squid, Lucky Pineapple, Consume Consumer, the Glasspack DJs A.Bell, Sean John and Damo

Sat. Feb 9th, Organized Clean up at the LAVA House. Boy Scout troop helping out. This was the date set for a surrpise 30th birthday party for Bart, organizaed by Hannah

Sun. Feb 10th, Free massages for LAVA House people by Anna Collins at Amazing Grace. + Wick's Pizza Benefit Event moved to Lisa's Oak St. Lounge (Oak and Swan St., next to the LAVA House) Hokum County Fiji Mermen, John Haywood, Joe Manning and Company, The American Freedom Machine

Mon. Feb 11th, Glenn and Bart get studios at Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center, which have been offered for free for 6 months

Tues. Feb 12th, Aron and Hallie get studios at Mellwood.

Wed. Feb. 13th, Meeting at Hallie’s office at the Center for Neighborhoods re: Money and how to deal with it.

Thur. Feb. 21st, Benefit at Flanagan’s Ale House My Darling Asleep w/ Guilderoy-Byrne & Nora, Ben and Eli – very bad ice storm

Wed. March 12th, Rudyard Kipling - Rekindle Benefit Show, Dancers, Unique Performances, Tarot Readings, Silent Auction, Comedy. (organized by Laurel Fleury)

Fri. Feb. 22nd, Art and Music Benefit Show for LAVA in Huntsville, Alabama at a place called Lowe Mill. (organized by Evan Billiter)

Sat. Feb 23rd, Shannon Wright, Kings Sons and Daughters and Tara Joan O’Neil at the 930 Listening Room, Benefit for the LAVA House.

Tues. Feb 26th Evan Billiter brings tools and supplies from Alabama to LAVA Artists

Tues. March 12th, LAVA Financial Meeting at Mellwood Lobby, Signed dispersment paperwork for German Paristown Neighborhood Association, who took money on our behalf and split it evenly.

Thurs. March 6th, Mary Carlton from the LVAA drops off donations for Artists.

Fri. March 14th Bart’s twin bother Brad passes away at home with his family

Mon. March 24th, Louisville Arts Council LAVA Fundraiser and memorial service. Singers, Poets, at the Henry Clay Building on 3rd St.

Sat. March 29th, Glassworks - Kill Ville Part of proceeds said to go to LAVA House, but but haven't paid LAVA to date

Spring Issue, Bejeezus 10, a local magazine covers the fire and Aron and Hallie’s art show

Fri. April 4th, RE:ACTION Hallie and Aron have a show opening reception at Swanson-Reed Contemporary on Market St. Mostly focused on loss from the fire.

Mon. April 7th, Reception for Greg Martin’s MFA show at Pratt Art Institute, New York City

Sat. April 19th, Bart and Hannah have a housewarming party at their house on the corner of Boyle and Samuel St.

June Greg moves back to Louisville

August, Hallie and Aron move out of Mellwood to Nelligan Hall to start a new artspace

Sun. Oct. 26th, Tree at LAVA house, destroyed by fire is cut down for a bonfire on Halloween

Halloween Night 2008 - Bonfire on the concrete slab at the LAVA House site, in honor of Jen Futrell, Bill Christie, Brad Herre, Erika Flynn, Hellvus and others who have passed in 2008.